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Title: A Different War: Hart's War An Analysis Of A Recent Movie That Takes Place In A Epw Camp During Ww2. Involves A Court Marshal. Quite Historially Accurite Movie(Setting/Conditions)

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A Different War: Hart's WarIn some ways, Hart's War appears like just another WW2 prisoner of war movie genre that has given us classics like The Great Escape and Stalag 17 (not to mention "Hogan's Heroes"). But there's more to Gregory Hoblit's film than initially meets the eye. In addition to dealing with the ins-and-outs of surviving in a Nazi prison camp during the latter months of the war, the film confronts racism in the armed forces in a manner that, while not subtle, avoids seeming smothered in political correctness. Plus, as one would expect from a film that exists in this setting, it examines issues of honor and courage, and shows that there are many flavors of both. It's December ...view middle of the document...

Visser, amused by the idea, agrees, and Hart is given the unenviable task of being Scott's lawyer, even though he has not finished law school. The film is less of a traditional war story than it is one man's quest for redemption. Since giving in to Nazi torture, Tommy Hart has been attempting to find the courage and opportunity to regain his honor. By defending Scott, a man he believes to be innocent, he is given this chance - even though Scott's fate seems sealed. As portrayed by Colin Farrell (recently seen as Jesse James in American Outlaws), Hart is a timid individual who is learning to stand up for himself. Hart's War contains elements of a courtroom drama, but without the surprise revelations and attorney grandstanding we have come to expect. Things are presented in a straightforward manner, and it becomes clear that Scott's fate may be pre-ordained. However, Hart eventually uncovers something that twists the meaning of the outcome and forces him to make a decision. This is an impressive piece of plotting that gives the movie a layer it might not have otherwise have possessed. Racism is addressed head-on. Even the more moderate enlisted men don't like being bunked with Scott and Archer, and Hoblit goes to some lengths to illustrate the difficulties that black men would have faced in this situation. Despite being an officer, Scott is essentially powerless. Whereas the white men in Stalag VIA have a clear enemy and goal, Scott's relationship with the men who are supposedly on...

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