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Title : Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teleworking To Both The Employee And The Employer B Ibliography Is Included In This Assignment

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Information Technology and its effects in Working practicesInformation Technology has a great effect on society today, changing lives of many people in school, home and at work. I will be looking at how information technology has had a great effect in working practices. Technology has changed the lives of both employees and employers bringing both advantages and disadvantages. The topic, which I will be looking at, is teleworking and what are its advantages and disadvantages to both the employee and the employer.TeleworkingTeleworking, sometimes called telecommuting, means working from home using modern technology to keep in touch with your business. Often teleworkers are based at home but they can also work from telecenters and satellite offices. Heathcote (1998) says Teleworking involves carrying out work away from the office and communicating with the employer through the use of computer and telecommunications equipment. Jobs can be relocated to places where it is more attractive, more convenient or cheaper to live.At present, teleworking is most advanced in the U.S. with only 3% of European employees engaged in teleworking along with an estimated 20 million worldwide. Predictions are that by the year 2006, the number could increase. Teleworking is facilitated by the recent rapid advances in the power of enabling technologies coupled with a significant reduction in their prices. These technologies include e-mail, ISDN, PCs, high speed modems and so on.Tools Needed For TeleworkingTo enable an employee to efficiently work from home they need the right equipment to enable them to do so. This is why the correct tools are essential. Here are the results of a survey conducted by (Http: 1)99% of teleworkers have a PC.Teleworkers ask for 'financial recompense for wear and tear on own equipment (and home PC hard disk space)'.95% use the telephone for business calls.Teleworkers ask for 'an additional phone line to work online and talk on the phone'.87% own a modem:99% use the internet for research, retrieving information for their job and the email. Teleworkers request 'cheaper internet access/cheaper ISDN lines'.Only 63% use a fax in their teleworking routine.Teleworkers request 'lower telecommunication costs offered to teleworkers by the service sector'.Teleworkers also use: -24% Photocopier19% ISDN4% Videoconferencing3% ToolsEquipment is usually bought from the employees themselves although now more and more employers are responsible for providing equipment for employees. This also includes costs for damages and any upgrades that might be needed.Advantages and Disadvantages for the EmployeeSome employees find that the advantage of teleworking is that they have flexible hours, they can still work when they want to and still be able to spend time at home with the family and there normal household jobs. However some people teleworkers find that this is a disadvantage as they are unable to separate work from family life, which is a cause of tension in...


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