Title: Camping. A Creative Writing Piece About A Family And Friends Camping Trip. Th Story Is Realistic And Scenery Is Described Throughout The Story On Every Scene

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It was a misty morning when we left our house, and as soon as we walked out of the door you could instantly smell the fresh dew on the grass. We were heading to Kelling Heath, which is located near Sheringham, Norfolk. I was so excited that I could hardly keep still for the whole car journey! It took us about an hour to get to the campsite but the journey went really quickly because we were playing games and observing the beautiful scenery around us.The sun was shining really strongly on our backs as we were setting up the newly purchased tent. Hours passed quickly and we had made some new friends who sent up camp next to us. They had a couple of children: Nicola who was 14yrs old and Matthew who was 9yrs old. This family had a massive old-fashioned style tent. It had little windows and curtains, and a door, which caused us a bit of trouble because the zip wouldn't undo straight away!As everyone was settling down, I was admiring the amazing scenery and atmosphere around us. As I was gazing up into the blue cloudless sky and smelling the clean fresh air when I spotted some birds, which were flying high above me, so I threw out some bread that was left over from an earlier snack. As soon as the bread had hit the floor, the birds had instantly spotted it and they flew down in a kaleidoscopic pattern and landed to feast upon a meal of dry bread.By now everyone had set up camp and we took a walk around the quiet and woody campsite. There was a nearby forest and it was so peaceful and quiet and you could hear some birds chirping away to each other. On the ground there were newly fallen pinecones, which covered the forest floor like a blanket. Apart from the birds you could hear nothing else apart from the golden leaves crunching under our feet.Our gentle stroll ended quickly and we headed back to the tents to have some lunch. We set up a little barbeque that was complete with a set of frying pans (for the eggs) and saucepans (for the beans). I helped my dad get food out of the tent and I opened all the cans and I filled the shiny metal kettle up with water so I could make everyone a warm cup of tea.Me and my new friend Nicola went in search for some firewood, although it wasn't hard because a dense forest surrounded us. We found some straight away and being careful not to get ourselves dirty we carried quickly to the camp area where my dad was sitting waiting to light the fire for the barbeque. Whilst dad was lighting the fire we got some camp chairs out and positioned ourselves around the barbeque. You feel the heat coming off the barbeque whilst we sitting patiently with our plates on our laps waiting for the food to be thoroughly cooked. Eventually Dad dished up everyone's meals and we got stuck in. The food was gorgeous, and you could smell and hear the sizzling sausages and the sound of eggs being fried.We all had chores to do after lunch; I got the worst one-washing up! I brought all the dirty items to this shiny basin, which smelt freshly clean...

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