Title:Choose Two Of The Most Moving Moments In Captain Corelli's Mandolin And Explain Why They Have This Effect On The Reader. Look Closely At How Language Is Used To Create Pathos.

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Choose two of the most moving moments in Captain Corelli's Mandolin and explain why they have this effect on the reader. Look closely at how language is used to create pathos.L' Omosessuale (1) is a very sensitive and intimate chapter and allows us intoCarlo's deepest and most hidden thoughts. De Bernieres creates sympathy for Carlothrough the fact that his homosexuality has to remain unknown "I have beenreduced to eternal and infinite silence." Pathos is also produced through the way inwhich De Bernieres presents Carlo to the reader and the language used.Carlo is aware that an announcement of his sexual preference would cause anuproar in the rigid community in which he lived before the army, he knows "inadvance" what he "will be told." Although Carlos awareness is made clear, DeBernieres still shows the reader that he is conscious in a number of ways, firstlythrough religion, the priest, and then through science, the doctor, "It is medicinaltheology and theological medicine." Here, De Bernieres is showing us that Carlo isan intelligent man and that he is above the prejudice he would face and that hecould outsmart his opposition if he was to be confronted about his homosexuality.This is displayed to the reader when Carlo cleverly converses with his own thoughtswhich is what makes this so intimate " God is the reason for all things, then God isto blame and I should not be condemned." However, no matter how many times heproves people wrong, he knows that, if they knew the truth, he would be "detested"by everyone. This is why the language used creates pathos, because Carlo has anuntold "truth that weighs more than the universe" and he feels like "someone who isthe only person in the world who knows the truth and yet is forbidden to utter it."The language which Carlo uses is in stereotypical contrast to his muscularstature, he knows he will be called "effeminate" even though he is "as strong as anox." His language in this chapter could be perceived as feminine but the way inwhich it is presented creates sympathy for him as shown from the use of thepowerful metaphors "I am a plant suffocated by lack of air and light." This creates avivid picture in our imagination from which we as the reader are able to empathisewith Carlo. He speaks as though he doesn't belong "there is no air in this world thatI am fated to inhibit." The beautiful, poetic nature surrounding this chapter allowsus to capture some of the most intimate delicacies in the book.Carlo's homosexuality is also an outlet for irony in this meeting with him.The chapter is tinted with irony as demonstrated on page 28 when Carlo states "Iam Italian soldier oppressing the only people who's ancestors bestowed upon mykind the right to embody a most perfect form of love." This is ironic because Carlois forced to persecute the only race that won't persecute him. He is being controlledby generals on a military level and he is being controlled by society on a sexuallevel. This irony is then furthered...

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