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Title: "Earth's First Hero." This Essay Explains How Ultimately Adam Is The Hero Of Paradise Lost.

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"With loss of Eden, till one greater Man/ Restore us, and regain the blissful seat." Paradise Lost, Book IIn John Milton's Paradise Lost, many Biblical characters are introduced as the main characters of the poem. Their experience is the narrative of the early creation of Man by God, as well as Satan leading up to his urging of the Fall of Man. Milton's focus is on the inevitable banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Despite the flaws of the first man and woman in creation, Milton makes Adam, ultimately, the hero of Paradise Lost because Adam experiences growth, recognizes his and Eve's sin against God, and solidly maintains his love and revere of God.Milton's Paradise Lost is played out within 12 books, and the casting out of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is the final resolution of the epic heroic verse. In Book IX, the fates of Adam, Eve and Satan disguised as a serpent finally clash. First, Eve is seduced by Satan, and she is ultimately to blame of the downfall of herself and Adam. Book IX opens when Eve decides to work in the Garden separately from Adam, and goes off alone. Satan as a serpent finds her alone, and watches her. "That space the Evil One abstracted stood/ From his own evil, and for the time remained/ Stupidly good, of enmity disarmed" (464). The serpent then flatters Eve, and she is impressed with the snake's ability to speak. "What may this mean? Language of man pronounced/ By tongue of brute, and human sense expressed?" Eve asks, then continues, "How cam'st thou speakable of mute?"(553, 563). The serpent then tells Eve about the Tree of Knowledge from which he ate a fruit that allowed him to speak, and he shows her. Eve remembers that this is the very tree she must not eat from, instructed by God, and she tells the serpent this. "But of this tree we may not taste nor touch;/ God so commanded, and left that command/ Sole daughter of his voice" (651). The serpent then theorizes that God had an ulterior motive for forbidding Eve and Adam from eating from the Tree of Knowledge."Why then was this forbid? Why but to awe,/ Why but to keep ye low and ignorant,/ His worshipers; he knows that in the day/ Ye eat thereof, your eyes that seem so clear,/ Yet are but dim, shall perfectly be then/ Opened and cleared, and ye shall be as gods,/ Knowing both good and evil as they know" (703).This is enough for Eve. She takes an apple from the tree and eats it, then out of love for her mate, decides to share the apple with Adam.Adam finds Eve at the tree, and when he sees that she ate an apple from the Forbidden Tree he is outraged. "Of fairest of creation, last and best/ Of all God's works.../How art thou lost, how on a sudden to violate/ The sacred fruit forbidd'n!" (896). Yet, after his outburst, Adam calms himself and reasons that now God might want to create another Eve. Adam remembers the pain in which God took one of his ribs to create Eve, and he knows he does not want to go through that pain again. He then...

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