Title Easy Rider This Essay Looks At The Use Of Music In The Film Easy Rider And How The Film Used Pop Music To Guide And Infulence The Story.

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"EASY RIDER"Easy Rider is a late 1960s "road film" a story about the search for freedom in a conformist and corrupt America, in the midst of paranoia, bigotry and violence. It was made in the year of the Woodstock concert, but the tone of the film is remarkably tragic and bleak, perhaps aiming to reflect the collapse of the idealistic 60s.The journey by two self-righteous, anti-hero bikers eastward through the American Southwest, is deliberately described to us through the pumping soundtrack.The excerpt to be looked at begins at the point where the drug deal has just been finalised and we see an extreme close up of the fuel tank of Wyatt's motorbike."...the audience is supposed to place a fetish value on the bikes...is stated by the use of the hand held camera which caresses the objects." Hugo 70The shot then tilts up to reveal Wyatt rolling his money up and hiding it in a tube that is kept in the petrol tank of his Harley donning the American flag. Steppenwolf's "The Pusher", a song, which is overtly against hard-drug pushers and dealing, is playing as the action occurs." The overall message of this scene, that the two protagonists are committing a crime, is hammered home by the introduction of the first piece of rock music, the anti drug song 'The Pusher' This links the deal scene at the airport with the introduction of the motorcycles." Hugo 70You know I smoked a lot of grassOh Lord, I popped a lot of pillsBut I've never touched nothin'That my spirit could killYou know I've seen a lot of people walkin' roundWith tombstones in their eyesBut the pusher don't careAw, if you live or if you dieGod damn the PusherGod damn, hey I say the PusherI said God damn, God damn the Pusher man.(www.lyrics.com)Wyatt casts off his wristwatch to the ground, a literal and symbolic flourish that shows his newfound freedom and rejection of time constraints in modern society. As they take to the open road on their motorcycles, crossing the Colorado River they pass through unspoiled sand-coloured deserts, the credits begin to scroll, accompanied by the song by Steppenwolf: "Born To Be Wild." It is the start of a beautiful adventure as they travel through memorable landscapes of America, accompanied by the pounding of rock music."With Easy Rider's music providing a detailed, referential system of communication, Captain America and Billy need to do little to express this sense of individuality and this...

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