Title :Evaluate Hardware Devices And Recomend Solutions For Datacomm Scenarios This Essay Has Two Parts And Has Bibliography

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IntroductionAround 50 years ago only scientists such as the people of NASA owned a computer.It was said by the president of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977 " There is no reason why anyone would want to have a computer in their home"Now everywhere you go computer are used in some way whether it is taking money out of an ATM machine or to help controlling planes. Even employers are asking more often for their employees to have some knowledge of IT.Evaluate Hardware DevicesHardware is the physical components of the computer. This can include the monitor, keyboard and mouse.In all business they would like a computer that is fast and efficient. They do not want a computer that is slow time wasting, as this can be very frustrating in a busy business environment.Using specific hardware devices you can improve the speed of your computer and they are many ways to do this, here are some of those options: -Moving Circuits Closer TogetherIt is said by Parker (2000)"Shorter circuits require less time to move bit2" . Now to make computers faster computer chip makers have placed circuits closer together and now they fit several million circuits on a single finger sized chip. The advantage is that they have faster performance in the machine. The disadvantage however is that, as when circuits are in use produce heat closer together they tend to become hot enough to melt the chip. This process is also known as Microminiaturization. From this development researchers are also trying to speed up circuitry functions through the use of superconductivity, the phenomenon of decreased electrical resistance observed in certain materials at very low temperatures.Reduced Instruction Set ComputingReduced instruction set computing is also known as RISC. According to French (1996) "RSIC is a type of microprocessor design that focuses on rapid and efficient processing of a relatively small set of instructions."4Experience has shown that computers with only a fraction of the traditional instructions process work faster. RISC processing is faster as computers can maximize speed when they are designed to carry out this large body of simple instructions most rapidly.Today RISC devices define performance standards in high-speed graphically oriented environments, such as engineering and movie making.The disadvantage however is that they tend to run more slowly when doing work that involves carry out large number of complex instructions. Also RISC based computers need their software to be modified to work on them.Parallel ProcessingA vast majority of computers are worked using a single CPU. Now however scientists have designed ways for two or more sets of CPU and memory components to perform tasks in parallel. The advantage of this is that instead of relying on one processor to perform a lengthy task, a computer system using parallel processing assigns some of the tasks to several CPUs working at the same time, as we know that two hands are better than one.Here is a diagram of a...

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