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Title: "Gorillas In The Midst" This Essay Is About The Rodney King Case . In This Paper I Am Defending King And Accusing The Cops Of Police Brutality

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"I felt beat up and like a crushed can. That's what I felt like, like a crushed can all over, and my spirits were down real low." These are the words from Rodney Glen King.Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever literally felt like a crushed can? Try to imagine 5 people giving 51 blows to your body as hard as they could using solid metal batons, kicking you at the same time while your head hits the ground leaving a puddle of blood on the asphalt. Well king experienced just that.At about 12:30am King left his buddy's house with a few friends. A husband and wife team of the California Highway Patrol, spotted King driving at a very high speed. King ignored the flashing red lights and sped off an exit ramp. Finally king stopped.Within seconds 3 police cars and one helicopter arrived on the scene. In those 3 cars were: Officers Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno, and Sergeant Stacey Koon. One of the officers ordered the occupants out of the vehicle and to lie face down, the passengers complied, but King did not. When King finally complied, Koon shouted "stand back we'll handle this!" In a matter of seconds King rose to his feet and charged directly at officer Powell. At this point, the officers began to strike with their metal batons for 1 ½ minutes. 1 ½ minutes may not seem that long, but just imagine being hit 51 times in that time period, awful isn't it? While using the batons may have been the right thing to do, was it necessary to strike 51 times in order to subdue him? Do you think this is how police should use force? No, obviously not. According to Medical experts King's facial injury came from a baton blow, not the asphalt, that is against LAPD policy. What do we have to say about the officers now?When the officers were prosecuted, the attorneys of the officers convinced the judge to schedule the trial in Simi Valley, a conservative and predominantly white city. Why there? Because the officers knew they used excessive force, the officers were all Caucasian, they thought they could get off by holding the case...

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