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Title: Gun Control, This Essay Is About The Right To Carry Concealed Weapons For The Right Of Protection.

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Studies across the U.S. show that "1% increase in a state's gun-ownership rate has also been associated with a 3% decrease in violent crime." ( Lott 1) Many states have adopted concealed carry laws over sixty years ago. No state has ever taken out the law, and no state had ever made its law more restrictive. Some opponents think that the solution to crime is stricter gun control. The truth is that the right to carry concealed weapons enables law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against crime. Opponents have concerns that the right to carry concealed weapons would cause people to lose their tempers easily, police officers would be killed more often, and crime would increase, but these concerns have all been proven unfounded.Opponents believe that people who carry concealed weapons will lose their temper wherever they may be, and shoot someone. The truth of the matter, "Is only one time has a citizen ever used their concealed weapon in a traffic accident, and it was ruled justifiable self-defense." (Lott 5) Research also proves that "Only extremely law abiding citizens are permit holders"(Lott 1) The fact is that, "In North Carolina permit holders have not had a permit revoked as a result of use of a gun in a crime."(Lott 4)The opposing side also believes that police officers will be injured or killed by a person who conceals a weapon. "There is no record in any state with a conceal carry law that a permit holder has ever killed a police officer." (Lott1) There are police who said that they would not be alive today if it had not been for a citizen with a permitted concealed handgun. If people who oppose this law are correct, then why do "Police officers support concealed carry laws by a three to one margin?"(LAPD 3)Evidence has shown that crime has...

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782 words - 3 pages right to militia weapons, not all weapons (Gun Control par. 4) which could mean if laws were passed banning guns, it is okay to do so, but the military will not have to give up its guns.People against banning guns or people just skeptical of the ban, argue that since so many people have guns, it is impossible to control or ban guns. A full out ban right away is not the appropriate way to handle this. Guns should be banned with a three-step

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