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Title: Hate Crimes. Essay Is About Recent Hate Crimes And Statistics.

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Lifeless bodies with slashed throats were found in the mountains of Virginia nearly six years ago. This is quite a disturbing image; the unfortunate result of a hate crime. What exactly is a hate crime? The American Psychological Association defines hate crimes as "violent acts against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with" (1). The different groups usually involved include homosexuals, ethnic groups, and religion affiliations.Dr. Jack McDevitt, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston, said hate crimes are forms of messages the offender wants to send to members of certain groups letting them know they are unwelcome in that neighborhood, community, school or workplace (APA, 1).According to, Darrell David Rice of Columbia, Maryland, was found guilty of committing the 1996 slayings of hikers Julianne Marie Williams and Laura "Lollie" Winans, who were the girls in the opening disturbing image. Rice is serving an 11-year sentence in federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia, for attempting to abduct and kill a female bicyclist in the same park in 1997. U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft called the killings of Williams and Winans "hate crimes" and said Rice could also receive the death penalty, in addition to the present sentence (Frieden, 1).Examples of hate crimes provided by Stephen Wessler's "Addressing Hate Crimes: Six Initiatives" include (3):·the dragging death of African-American James Byrd, Jr., in Jasper, Texas·the deadly attack on Matthew Sheppard, a gay student in Laramie, Wyoming·the shooting rampage targeting minority citizens in Chicago·the shootings of children at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles·the murder of Joseph Santos Ileto, a Filipino-American mail carrierA report done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that 7,947 hate crime incidents were reported. In 1995, a comparison of states showed that California was at the top of the charts with 1,751 incidents reported, and Florida stood with 164 incidents (2). The total number of hate crimes only decreased by less than a hundred between 1995 and 1999. While these numbers may seem relatively small, the Southern Poverty Law Center has posted more dramatic statistics: every hour someone commits a hate crime, every day eight blacks, three whites, three gays, three Jews and one Latino become hate crime victims, and every week a cross is burned (1).In order to prevent the hate crimes from occurring, different things are being done in order to prevent and deal with the hate crimes. In schools, the Anti-Defamation League websites suggests planning ahead by doing the following (1):1.Work with your school administration to establish a plan for responding promptly to hate incidents and hate crimes.2.Educate school staff on how to recognize hate-motivated incidents and...

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866 words - 4 pages When people bully or target a specific person for their race or different, that is a hate crime. Hate crimes occurs around the world. Hate crimes nowadays aren’t recognized as a real threat as murder, but leaders and the peoples voices are reaching out to the world. Although these hate crimes and groups could get out of hands, we need to alleviate these problem. Hate crimes have been a problem even in the past. Maybe worst than it is today

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1086 words - 4 pages McCall is actually "capable of lashing out" at anyone, regardless of race, color, gender or national origin since his criminal background shows that McCall has in fact been imprisoned before for crimes against men as well as women. Hate crime offenders often have an either/or perspective. Either a person is what they want them to be, or that person is not good enough. Hate crime offenders are egocentric people. They care about themselves and others

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859 words - 3 pages remain unsolved. One of the most important is the fact that they are becoming national trend. Individuals who offer unique qualities such as race, ethnicity, and sexual preference to this diverse world no longer feel safe due to the fact that most hate crimes are targeted towards those who differ from some people's opinion of who "belongs here". People and groups are being sent a message that simply, your religion, gender, race, sexual orientation

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1156 words - 5 pages depends on the individual. (Jacobs 5) I would think that, if someone were going to committee a crime intentionally, they really wouldn’t care. Another point is that a large percentage of aggravated assaults and battery are fights that break out at bars and on the streets. The initiation of the crime is not necessarily brought on by hate, but by some meaningless argument and when that case goes to court, should the charge of hate crimes come about


1863 words - 8 pages In the society that we live in this has been a problem and has become a bigger problem throughout the years. Why do they occur is the question? Are individuals born with theses feeling or is it something that they pick up just going through every day life? How and can this violent crime ever be stopped?The rate that hate crimes are going its ruining the society we live in on a daily. Hate crimes occur anywhere in the rich neighborhoods, poor

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1541 words - 7 pages Gonzalez 1Kenneth GonzalezMr.SagorskiENC 1102 MWF (10:00 - 10:50 am)Wednesday 10/22/14Hate CrimesHate crime is the new rape, but unlike rape, which is colossal violation of human virtue and sanctity. When in reality a hate crime is a crime that targets the victim's identity, for example instead of the victim's equality as described under law. Yet according to "Hope-Fulfilling or Effectively Chilling? Reconciling the Hate Crimes Prevention Act

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707 words - 3 pages Hate based on race, religion and sexual orientation exist within any cultural rich societies. When this type of hate fuels a person into taking violent actions upon those they hate, it is called a hate crime; a topic which the American public is seriously concerned about. It has been a widely discussed subject on the media, and often debates of whether or not a crime should be attributed with hate are the center for discussion.Does hate crime

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779 words - 3 pages officials did not begin collecting nationwide statistics until the following year. Another obstacle to gaining an accurate count of hate crimes is that many victims are afraid to report the attacks. This comes from the trauma they have experienced and fear of retaliation or future contact with the offender(s). Another reason is that it is difficult to identify a biased motive.Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is often caused by hate crimes. Some

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785 words - 3 pages than the proportion of strangers who commit other violent crimes (33%). Another 16% of violent hate crimes were committed by acquaintances of the victim, and 4% by business associates. Friends or family members were responsible for the remaining 3% of incidents. (Statistics Canada, 2008) What sets hate crime apart from other criminal activity is that the perpetrator is motivated by bias, as previously mentioned, which causes great

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708 words - 3 pages Exposition: Determining Hate Crimes?Hate based on race, religion and sexual orientation exist within any cultural rich societies. When this type of hate fuels a person into taking violent actions upon those they hate, it is called a hate crime; a topic which the American public is seriously concerned about. It has been a widely discussed subject on the media, and often debates of whether or not a crime should be attributed with hate are the

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1589 words - 6 pages (LGBT) by reporting a hate crime occurred is a valid reason for the underreporting of statistics." (Shusta, 2005) I feel there is a need for training in communities as well as law enforcement. Programs used to educate the police, schools, and citizens of the community about hate crimes helps create a safe environment. These type programs raise awareness of hate crimes and help in creating communities respectful of tolerance and diversity.To control

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593 words - 2 pages Over the past 10 years there has been a lot of controversy about hate crimes and how the committers should be punished. Some "“ most "“ people say that they should be treated more harshly and others say that they should not be treated harsh. I believe that they should be treated as harsh as they can without torturing them. My first reason is that they should be put in prison just for the smallest hate crime. If they do a crime