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Hardwood floor can be finished using high power sanding machines, although some handwork may be necessary in places that on which a sanding machine will not fit, or near corners. Before starting the finishing process, the hardwood surface should be free of dirt and all nails must be carefully driven so they are not protruding in the floor or the baseboard. Depending on the hardwood flooring surface, sometimes with two sanding cuts, you will get a nice finish whatsoever, if the floor is uneven, then three sanding cuts will be needed.
Hardwood Flooring Sanding Machines

There are two main types of sanding machines: drum or disk type. Drum sanders have the sandpaper mounted on a drum that rotates parallel to the plane of the floor, scratching in straight lines in the direction of the sanding machine. On the other hand, disk sanders are the ones in which the sandpaper rotates in a circle in the plane of the floor. There are different tools that will facilitate sanding hardwood floor near the edges of the floor and next to the baseboard.

Choosing the right sandpaper is a very important thing to do, because coarse grits will scratch the hardwood leaving some marks that will be noticeable. Fine grits are better when you want to have the best finishing on a hardwood flooring, although it will require additional work. For better results, start by using the coarse sandpaper, to level the floor and continue to polish the surface using finer sandpaper.

Hardwood Flooring Sanding Procedures

Follow these guidelines that will assure a superior hardwood finishing:

Start the first cut with coarse or medium sandpaper, ending with a fine abrasive.
After the second or third pass, the floor might be buffed with steel wool, although it is not recommended over oak floors.
When the hardwood strips run parallel to each other, all...

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