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Title Ix And Girls Essay

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Imagine being a parent and having your daughter ask why she can not play sports like her brother could, try explaining that. Title IX have given girls more confidence and given men a reality check as to the fact that they are not the only ones on the playing field, as well as settled all debates on whether or not women are worthy of sports. Others may say Title IX has psychologically confused women and made modern times much more complicated. Title IX is the most powerful civil rights movement to ever occur in the United States because, it has made girls psychologically more egotistical, it has made men less confident, and it has made this world a more equal and fair place.
First, girls have become more outgoing and increased their self assurance:
Though views differ as respects the impact of Title IX, discussion typically focuses on whether and to what extent Title IX has resulted in increased athletic opportunities for females, and whether and to what extent Title IX has resulted in decreased athletic opportunities for males. In addition, the legislation had impacts on aspects other than athletes. The increased exposure of female sports led to increased dominance by males of the governance of women's athletics. (American History 3).
Its obvious girls are taking more chances with their athletics and colleges are taking notice of it. They are taking advantage of these opportunities. Differences in educational attainment by gender have changed over the past several decades, with women attainment rates now greater than men attainment rates at each level of education. (Economist 8). Girls egos are inflating. Ever since Title IX there is a new found cockiness in girls when they discuss their athletics. It is now a rare occasion to see a boys sport noticed as equivalently as a women's sport. “It goes all the way back to Ancient Athens, women do house chores, while men go outside to get all rough and do the dirty work. That is how it has always been, it is completely unnecessary to change that now.” (Klein 2). Still, some girls are still adjusting to this equality. They believe things should stay how they have always been. In summary, consistency is good to them.
Also, boys are psychologically changing and trying to cope with all the new things Title IX has to offer:
From the start, the implementation of Title IX has been subverted. Title IX passed with little controversy in 1972. Soon after Title IX passed, however, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and high school administrators complained that boys' sports would suffer if girls' sports had to be funded equally. Regulations about how to implement the law did not go into effect until 1975. Even then, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) did not enforce the law. Few complaints were investigated and resolved. (Economist 1).
The upbringing of Title IX has caused complaints about mens sports teams, and how they are going to fall behind and become unnoticed:
Title IX has been a source of...

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