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Title Ix And Equality: Flawed Logic?

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Our country is one that prides itself on its equality for all people regardless of gender or race, this is the basic foundation on which this country was built and a major separating factor between the US and other countries. I think it is reasonable to assume, that the vast majority of citizens in this country find this to be both an admirable and desirable trait, and would indeed advocate any measures taken to ensure equality for all. That being said as a college athlete and one who went through the process of talking to coaches about scholarships and the limited funds available for them, I have come to question whether the infamous Title IX, while well meaning in its development, is in fact an actually detriment to collegiate athletics and its athletes.
It is important when questioning the merit of Title IX, to understand its creation and the original intent behind it. Created to ensure equal opportunities between genders, this original purpose was not directed specifically at athletics; rather it governed all federally funded school activities (About Title IX). Upon first examination it appears to be a fine idea worthy of praise, after all as stated earlier who would not advocate equal opportunity, however the major flaw of the law is in the mandate for equal proportioning between student population and athletic involvement. One needs only to visit the local elementary school during recess to understand the flaw in this thinking; undoubtedly there is a substantial difference in the participation between male and female athletes at all levels from the earliest ages (Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America). I do not claim to understand the reasons why this is so, however it is clearly evident. Female athletes are offered opportunities in almost all sports that once were almost predominantly male, and still the female participation lags far behind male participation. Thus it is flawed logic to compare the ratio of male to female students to male and female athletes, this become even more unrealistic when you consider that now colleges have more female students than males (Marklein).
On a more personal note this law strikes a chord with me. As someone who has spent a significant portion of my life on a baseball field playing the game I love, I understand the meaning of athletics to so many people. Baseball is one of the main sports that is adversely affected by Title IX at the collegiate level. An NCAA baseball program can be expected to carry up to 35 players, yet they are afforded only 11.7 scholarships. For a sport with such a rich history within our country it would seem there would be more funding would be available, sadly this is not the case. I was able to experience this extreme under funding first hand out of high school as I was informed by several universities that the max scholarship they would be able to fund would simply replace the work/study component of financial aid. 11.7 is an extremely misleading number in that, this...

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