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Title Ix And Its Importance Essay

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Title IX has affected females’ access to higher education in so many ways. Before Title
IX was established many people thought that women were more concerned and involved in getting married, and having children rather than continuing their education. Until the early 70's, many colleges and universities were reluctant to admit women into their student body. Fortunately, the unfairness in admissions of higher education for females that was prominent prior to the early 70’s is less common. Women now receive undergraduate and graduate degrees at a significantly higher rate than before the adoption of the Title IX's statutes. It's more common today for women to take professions that were more commonly dominated by males. Title IX is an important legislation because it helps increase women's access to higher education, protect against sexual harassment, and help increase the number of female athletics
Today Title IX is still critical in education because women continue to lag behind men when receiving degrees in certain fields such as the math and science disciplines. 1 out of 5 women achieve the doctorate degrees in computer sciences and engineering and physics. "Schools are continue to downsize many of the affirmative action programs that are responsible for increasing access to higher education to minorities and women, a particular problem for women of color" (source c).

By law, every school district is required to have a Title IX coordinator. A Title IX coordinator serves as the compliance officer and is responsible for keeping current with Title IX issues and being on the lookout for issues that may break the law; to make sure that things like sports and classes are fair to all genders. It has now been in place for a generation and many young women today have no idea of how different things were prior to the advent of the statute.
While many people understand and are aware of the equality issue regarding female athletes as it relates to Title IX few people actually realize that Title IX isn't just for education. It also defines and protects against sexual harassment. Before the adoption of Title IX sexual harassment used to be dismissed as a "boys will be boys". Or at the very least it was just called rude and boorish behavior. After the adoption of Title IX people's views on sexual harassment gradually began to change. "Sexual harassment in education includes any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that significantly interferes with a student’s access to education opportunities" (source c). The Supreme Court has justified the significance that schools have an obligation under Title IX to prevent and confront any harassment towards a student, regardless of who or what they are, such as a peer, student, teacher, or a parent.
Title IX is still critical to sexual harassment because schools are still a very common place for female and male students to experience sexual harassment. "8 out of 10 students experience some form of sexual harassment...

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