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Title Ix: Protecting Our Right To An Education Free Of Sexual Harrassment And Equal Opportunity In School Activities

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Matayzsha Dorsey
English 1302
Mrs. Thomas
1 April 2014
Title IX
Have you ever wondered what protects our right to an education free of sexual harassment and equal opportunity in school activities? Title IX does that.
Title IX was created by a woman named Edith Green. She was the legislation chairperson of the Oregon Congress of Parents and Teachers. She became a House member in 1954. Her first proposal was the Library Service Bill. Eight years she shepherded Title IX until it passed on June 23, 1972 part of the Higher Education Act. (Crass, Scott)
Title IX is a law that requires equality of genders in every educational program funded by the federal government. It is called the “living, breathing law” because it’s been the subject of court cases, amendments, and reviews. (NWLC)
Women and girls have benefited from more participation opportunities and more equitable facilities. Women who were under ten when Title IX was passed have much higher sports participation than those who grew up before. Fifty- five percent of the “post-Title IX” generation participated in high school sports, thirty-three percent of the “pre-Title IX” generation. Women have been offered more scholarships for higher education. Actually, many female athletes that are in the Olympics credit Title IX for their success with being able to attend college on athletic scholarships. (Feminist Majority Foundation)

Though most people only apply this only to sports, but this also pertain to Career Education, Education for Pregnant and Parenting students, and Higher Education. Most complaints against Title IX involve either sexual harassment or sports. (NWLC)
For instance, Joanna Espinosa filed a sexual harassment against her former boyfriend at the University of Texas – Pan America. When they paid her no mind, she filed a Title IX complaint against the University. She said, “They violated her right to an education free of gender based discrimination by not handling her report and creating a hostile environment.” Her complaint made UTPA one of the latest schools to face disparagement for its handling of the situation. (Grinberg, Emanuella)
Another University to have a complaint made about not handling their allegations right, at the University of Connecticut, seven women said they were either sexually assaulted or raped. When they informed employees and police officers they didn’t provide adequate information, and even made insensitive remarks. (Megan, Kathleen)
Two years ago at Northwestern University, a freshman filed an official complaint against her philosophy professor Peter Pudlow. She accused Pudlow of getting her drunk and then kissing and groping her when she passed out. The school just recently said they denied him a raise, an endowed chair, and made him attend sensitivity training. In the end, he was never fired, “To our knowledge there has never been any recommendation that Pudlow be terminated, “The freshman says. (Schuman, Rebecca)
At Colorado State...

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