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Title Ix’s Lasting Effects Essay

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It is also important to examine the impacts of Title IX on racial diversity as well, not only gender diversity. In 1972, it was reported that 30% of white girls and women were playing sports which increased to 40% after the passage of Title IX (Picket et. all, 2012). Participation levels among black women have actually decreased from 35% in 1972 to only 27% in 2002 (Picket et. all, 2012). This leads to the conclusion that in 1972 Black women played more sports then their White counterparts, and since that time White women have begun to participate in more sports and this progression is continuing (Picket et. all, 2012). As Title IX continues to alter the ratio of males to females, society ...view middle of the document...

Although most of the media attention that Title IX receives discusses the effects on sports, there are other large social impacts worth of discussion.
One of the largest effects of Title IX outside of sports has been an increase of women in the workforce since the early 1970s. More women are attending college than ever have before, and the amount of women earning college degrees increased from ~ 40% in 1972 to over 55% in 2002 (Preist, 2003). From 1972 to 2003, the rate of women earning bachelor’s degrees rose about 15%, a number which continues to rise (Preist, 2003). Many colleges that were formerly male driven have since changed; there are now about 5 times more women on collegiate sports teams (Head, 2003). This number is significant because it means that there is a greater number of females entering college and hopefully graduating with degrees (Head, 2003).
Since the passage of Title IX, there has also been a rise of women who are playing on male dominated recreational and professional teams. It is not uncommon to see a female playing on a traditionally all-male high school team. The two most common sports in which this occurs is football and hockey. Although Title IX implies that they are allowed to play any position that the girl desires, they usually migrate into a less physical position due to coaching wants or desire. For football, females are usually kickers, due to their high flexibility and the decreased physical nature of this position. In hockey, females usually migrate to goalie, because this position is less physical and has a lower injury rate. When many people see this addition of a female athlete to a male team they view it as challenging the “normal” gender roles that males are in more physical sports and females should be in non-contact feminine sports (Rosenthal, 2008). When we examine athletics at the college level, it is rare that a women plays on a male dominated team, although it is not forbidden (Stevenson, 2007).
In professional sports, in the last 15 years there have been many new sports to reach the professional level, and all of these were women’s sports. This list includes women’s ice hockey, soccer, softball, and basketball (Lopiano, 2000). There is another result for young girls from the Title IX changes that have occurred, a better self-image. Another positive social change resulting from Title IX is that girls are busy playing sports and attending practices that have left them with less time to make life altering decisions while in high school. One such decisions is when to become sexually active; non athlete high school reported being sexually active 13% more often then athletes, 54% of athletes and 41% of non-athletes (Lopiano, 2000). High school female athletes are 50% less likely than their non-athletic classmates to get pregnant while in school (Lopiano, 2000). Another life altering decision can be categorized as bodily harm and self-esteem. Girls who participate in sports after school are at a...

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