Title Ix This Essay Is On Title Ix And The 3 Issues That Have Happened In Bakersfield, Calif. It Includes Statistics And Quotes.

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Title IX is one of the major amendments of the 21st century in education. The Archived: Title IX: A Sea Change in Gender Equity in Education cites that "Title IX was passed by the U.S. Congress on June 8, 1972, and signed by President Richard M. Nixon on June 23, 1972 and on July 1, 1972 it went into effect." The U.S. Department of Labor cites that Title IX is an amendment that states "No person in the United States shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs or activity receiving federal financial assistance." Title IX was the first federal law that stopped from discriminating against sex in universities, including the teachers and the students.Before Title IX women and men students attending schools and/or universities had separate entrances. Females were not able to attend certain classes like auto body or law enforcement. Also males were not allowed to take the class home economics. In many medical and law schools they only allowed up to 15 women in their schools. Also most colleges and universities required that all women have higher test scores to be admitted into the college or university. Women who lived on campus at the universities were not allowed to stay out past midnight. The women faculty members who worked at the universities before Title IX was passed were not allowed to join the faculty clubs, but they were encouraged to join the faculty wives' club. That was how women were discriminated. In 1971, a year before Title IX was passed, 18 % of the females and 26% of the males had only completed four years of college. As the U.S. Department of Education shows above, very few women and also men had completed up to four years of college. "In 1972, women received 9% of medical degrees; 1 % of the dental degrees; 7 % of the law degrees," cites the U.S. Department of Education. Those statistics would have been higher if only there wasn't any discrimination against women. Women have been suffering discrimination for centuries. In schools they were considered to be less intelligent and athletic. Women weren't allowed to wrestle just because they were feminine. Before Title IX women who wanted to participate in wrestling, soccer, or lacrosse couldn't because it was out of bounds for them. As the U.S. General Accounting Office cites that in 1971 only 31,852 women participated in Intercollegiate Athletics. The Achieving Success under Title IX cites that "before the passage of Title IX athletic scholarships for college women were rare, no matter how great their talent." I think that women should always have an opportunity to show their talent to the world and not be bounded by their sex. On the site Title IX: 25 years of progress it cites, "Athletic competition builds character in our boys. We do not need that kind of character in our girls--Connecticut judge, 1971."After Title IX was passed on June 23, 1872 women's participation in...

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2098 words - 8 pages the low budgets in education and the economy crisis Title IX is now more focused on sports. One of the main key points of Title IX was to make sure the proportionality of female student and female athletes were equal. Recent studies showed that 57% of college students are female. Most women in college are now getting more involved in sports since there is more money going into their scholarships making it a lot easier for them to receive one

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1471 words - 6 pages men’s football and basketball from the Title IX coverage. Bryjak said they would do this because basketball and football both have a lot of participants; especially football because there is no women’s football team and the men’s team has over 125 players on average which causes Title IX to eliminate other men’s sports. This happens because none of the women’s sports incorporate that many participants in one particular sport. Bryjak argues that

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983 words - 4 pages never be a professional women's football league. Now don't quote me on that, but there just isn't enough demand to see ladies strap up pads and knock each other down, granted that would be cool to see but then they'd be making a mockery of the sport and themselves. Is it sport or spoof? If women want to compete I have no problem with that, let 'em knock themselves out organizing a rugby team, just don't penalize men for women not being as genetically aggressive. My goal in composing this paper was not to offend anyone but on the contrary, to inform you with a brief introduction of Title IX and my opinion.

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1488 words - 6 pages clear vision that Title IX helped many women, many people still feel that women are still being left out in the sports department. Male althletes still have a higher ratio compared to the females and more money is being spend on male athletes. Many schools blame this cause to the fact that women aren’t that interested in participating sports which can be true or not but Title IX undoubtedly gave everyone and especially women the most

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596 words - 2 pages ." This is a very fair and necessary ideal.Although it's true that women were often denied their right to participate in sports prior to Title IX, it has now evolved into nothing more than a stringent tool of equality instead of the practical law it once was. In her essay, "Title IX: Gender Equality in College Sports," author Robyn E. Blumner refers to recent applications of the law as ". . .a rigidly applied formula that uses the radical feminist

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1177 words - 5 pages benefit of coeducational classes, it seems to almost violate the equality rule of Title IX since male students are the only beneficiaries and their gains are at due to the females’ lack thereof. “In a tennis unit, students can learn to practice together, but competitions should be boys singles, girls singles, and coed doubles” (Siedentop, 2009, p.287). This creates an equal playing field in which one group is not marginalized. The overall conclusion

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1467 words - 6 pages discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance” (“Title IX Legal Manual”). Athletic administrators have to be careful when it comes to facility design and usage, as a simple denial by a coach or facility manager can lead to an equity issue if nothing is handled the right way. In municipal school districts, tackling the issue of Title IX compliance can come at a price, because of the funds that must be

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2885 words - 12 pages minor sacrifices in order to improve equality amongst men and women. But by doing this, the roles have switched, and it is now the men who are being treated unfairly. Many have supported Title IX and have explained that equality can be achieved without cutting back on several male sports. This happens to be false due to evidence. College Sports Council have observed that, “From 1981 to 2005, the number of male athletes per school declined 6

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1828 words - 7 pages Compliance With Title IX Still Elusive Twenty-five years have passed, but the celebration is no victory party. For all the progress women have made, they are still far behind the men on the playing field. A vast number of colleges and universities are still not in compliance with Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination at any educational institution that receives Federal funds. Title IX applies to all educational programs, although

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1151 words - 5 pages teams would in turn have higher gate returns. Although this may have some affect on the amount of income made by women’s teams, it would take much more than just promotion to balance out the income between the two. There were only good intentions in mind when Title IX was instigated in 1972. The main purpose was to ensure that males and females had equal opportunities. However, while trying to level the playing field between males and

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1879 words - 8 pages and not men. They must perfect the sports that they compete in now before they try playing in a man's world," added Steele. "I know a girl named Nicky that played football in high school, who would play football for us, but our school doesn't have a team because it is a male sport and we are an all-girl's school," said Lewis. " It is not fair and Title IX doesn't work in that aspect of our school. It's a little disturbing because regardless

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