Title Of Essay: A Few Notes For Orpheus: Who Is Jake? Description: We Had To Do A Character Analysis Of The Character "Jake" From The Short Story “A Few Notes For Orpheus” By Don Bailey.

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A Few Notes For Orpheus


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A Few Notes for Orpheus

Who is Jake?

The short story "A Few Notes for Orpheus" by Don Bailey was a rather profoundly unique tale about a reserved character by the name of Jake. Jake's personality and interaction with others revealed a variety of things about his character, relationships, and his ideals. Over the course of the story, Jake ended up realizing the importance of family relations and moving on in life upon discovering that dwelling on past incidents achieves nothing but heartache and conflict.

Jake's personality played a huge role in the understanding of this story. In general, he was a self-absorbed and timid young man who avoided socializing with others. Being a man who enjoyed keeping his privacy, Jake ended up distancing himself from his family and friends, just like his father did to him since he was a boy. The quote, "He wasn't around when I tried my stunts; the day I finally made the hockey team and actually scored a goal", is one of the many instances where Jake's father showed no interest in his son. Moreover, the fact that Jake is separated from his wife and daughter seems to indicate that the separation was a part of the reason why he's so negative and cynical. That is, he is what he is because of something that occurred between his wife and himself. Despite all of this, Jake still is a good person. He was shown to be a calm, considerate, and understanding human being when he reluctantly agreed to go over to his parent's cottage. He went there out of the...

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