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Title Of Essay: The New Indian History Book Title: Boarding School Seasons: American Indian Families, 1900 1940

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The New Indian HistoryThe Reservation Boarding School System in the United States existed during 1870 -1928. The European settlers experienced enemy feelings from the Native Indians. After all the wars stopped the Reservation Boarding School System was a war which could give a war in disguise. It was a war between the United States government and the children of the First People of this land. Its intention was that of any war, elimination of European settlers what they wanted to achieve in order to change what native American identity was. The psychology of European settlers was of thinking themselves as having a divine right to take possession of land and to avoid any future threats that any other identity could impose. The Reservation Boarding school system was for Native Indian children to make them what European settlers wanted them to be rather than what they were or could be in future. All the historical documents that has been used to describe this era told pretty much one sided story. The story of accepting this school system and appreciating by the Indian parents at that time. Brenda Child, in her book, "Boarding School Seasons," explores the Boarding school era from a different perspective. Perspective that does show a new American Indian History. A history that tells feelings and emotions of the students, their parents and of Indian community as a whole during that period ( Child, pg. xiii).The school system was to make American Indian students be what European settlers wanted them to be. To be them more like a white man but still staying and feeling inferior. The intentions were clear to the European settlers in order to what they wanted these students to be, which were not to stay Indians, losing their pride of being Indians, losing any unique tribal identity and adopting white man's culture and still not be a complete white man. Brenda child collects the resources that give clear picture of the time. The clear emotions of the students and their real experiences. The letters that students sent to their parents and homes, and the parents reactions to those letters and their real feelings about the situation are reflected by Brenda child in her book.The previous familiar resources used to reflect the American Indian experiences at that time were avoided by B. Child. The real resources are the letters that are written by real people who experienced this period in their lives. Brenda touches this distinctive period of Indian history and gives a whole new meaning to the Native Indians history. These letters give a full coverage story of lives of Indian students from beginning to the end of their education period. First the parents' resistance to send their children to schools and then the process of convincing parents and building up their hopes for bright future of their children tells the story of intentions and purpose of boarding school system at the time. The students were being taken from their distinctive native cultures and sent...

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