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Scientific rationality stands as the epitome of human reasoning in the modern era; evidence matters in the assertion of truth. Society looks to the physical world to ascertain what is reasonable, and with the evolution of the scientific method, the past two centuries have also watched the devolution of religiousness. Scientific evidence must be conclusive and unambiguous, derived from true premises, repeatable experiments and observable results. And determine whether the existence of God can be sustained in the presence of scientific rationality.

The argument is self-referential, positing its conclusion as its premise: nature is fine-tuned because God exists, which we know because nature is fine-tuned, which we know because God exists, etcetera. Circular reasoning fails to provide evidence for the existence of a deity.

Postulated by professor emeritus of philosophy Alvin Plantinga, the “Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism” (EAAN) proves to be a somewhat controversial topic. Plantinga attempts to argue that the theory of evolution and the Naturalist philosophy are logically incommensurable. The union of evolution and naturalism implicates that human cognition is unreliable, and if both are true, then man must reject his cognitive rationality. Belief possesses the dualistic state of… Plantinga’s postulation possesses an inherent problem: he formulates a deductive argument based upon self-defined terms. If an argument requires assuming something about the universe, then the assumption can be formulated to suit the desired conclusion.

Scientific arguments for theism frequently assume that if God exists, he behaves in ways comparable to humans. Describing God in terms of ourselves might be a useful way to comprehend the image of an otherwise unrealizable entity; however, this projection of human attributes is merely poetic, and therefore cannot be used as the premise of a scientific argument. Making a scientific claim about God is impossible if the concept God cannot be concretely defined. Therefore, although science can hint at the possibility of God’s existence, it fails to provide evidence for the veracity of God’s existence. Of course, the question then becomes does belief in God require scientific evidence?

Is God a Scientific Question?

In a debate with Francis Collins (leader of the Human Genome Project), Richard Dawkins, a respected biologist and prominent figure in the “New Atheist” movement...

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