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Title: Planning For Your Retirement: What Most Investment Advisers Do Not Tell You

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Almost all retirees desire to have a dependable source of income during their retirement, and I assume that you too, whether you are already retired or planning to retire, have this same goal. With this in mind, let me ask you a very important question. Would you be unhappy if your investment adviser recommends that you allot a tiny portion of your portfolio in a derivative that offers these six amazing benefits:
• Flexibility in income start date
• Zero downside investment risk
• Sustainable lifetime income for married couples
• Delayed start date equals higher income
• Beneficiaries will receive potential death benefits
• Inclusion of a separate investment element with upside potential?
Though this particular type of investment vehicle entails a surrender charge and a yearly fee to your investment adviser, I am certain that your answer is a big “no”—you will not be unhappy if you are advised to invest in an investment vehicle that offers the six beneficial features listed above—and millions of American retirees and even annuity professionals agree with you.
In fact, the Phoenix Companies conducted a recent survey at the National Association for Fixed Annuities’ yearly symposium to gather the opinions of annuity professionals regarding this matter. The results showed that 62% of those who were surveyed believed that a reliable source of income during retirement is the number one feature sought out by many clients. Moreover, almost 70% of the respondents reported that over the last year Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits or GLWBs were a necessary feature for fixed index annuity sales.
Most Investment Advisers Do Not Provide Sustainable Lifetime Income Solutions
Based on my personal experience as an investment adviser and the popularity of Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits (GLWBs) over the past couple of years, I am not surprised with the findings of this survey. However, if many retirees and even annuity professionals consider sustainable lifetime income during retirement highly important, then why is it that most investment advisers do not provide investment strategies or solutions that are created to cater to this particular concern to their clients?
Why are most investment advisers hesitant to advise their clients to invest a small portion of their investment portfolio into investment vehicles that are guaranteed to produce sustainable income during their clients’ retirement?
But perhaps the question I find most bothering is this: How come investment advisers who are doing the retirement planning and work for their clients not shifting their investment solutions and approach from those that are based on assets to those strategies and recommendations that are geared towards achieving sustainable lifetime income even if these investment advisers see that it is needed by their clients or that the clients themselves are demanding such income-oriented solutions?
Income-Oriented Recommendations Affect the Compensation of Investment...

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