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Title: Stalin's Methods Of Reaching Goals Compared To Gandhi's.

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Throughout their lifetimes, both Gandhi and Stalin rose to power. They both utilized unique methods to reach their goals. Stalin aimed to create a communist state in Russia, while Gandhi hoped to achieve Indian self-rule peacefully.Stalin rose to power through several means and actions. He embarked on his goal, creating a communist state, and ruled severely through a totalitarian government. As a totalitarian, Stalin challenged the ideas of basic human rights and freedoms. Nicknamed "Man of Steel," he ruled with an iron fist, slaughtering those who opposed his ideas and his regime. In his early years, he protested against the early Russian government, joining with the likes of Trotsky and Lenin, to fight for a fair and just government. To keep his totalitarian state under control, he created "The Great Purge." These short years served to mass murder those who did not hold totalitarian and communist views. Sending thousands to gulags, where they worked themselves to death, Stalin rid of the majority of his opposition.Stalin, with the betterment of his country in mind, also introduced the five-year plan, which moved industrialization and modernization forward at a great price to his people. Stalin ruled with brute force for many years, ruling an oppressive government and killing thousands of his own citizens, all in the name of totalitarianism.Gandhi, a peaceful scholar, husband, and revolutionary, was a polar opposite to Stalin. Gandhi fought for the sovereignty of India and its people. Employing several techniques new to the world, Gandhi led India on a path to autonomy until his death in 1948.Gandhi discovered new ammunition against...

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