Title: Stroke The Verve/Research On The Stroke And The Verve

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Rock is a genre of music with many artists who are not given the recognition they deserve. Living in certain areas, such as South Carolina, has an influence on the types of music one may listen to. Most southern radio stations are country radio stations with few devoted to rock or top 40. The Verve and The Strokes are two bands with similar histories that many in the south have not heard of. Here is a brief overview of how these two bands came to be and what their music is all about.The Verve was a five member band formed in Wigan, Lancashire in England. The band's original line-up was Richard Ashcroft (lead vocals, guitar), Peter Salisbury (drums), Simon Jones (bass), and Nick McCabe (guitar). Near the end of 1995 Simon Tong, an old school friend joined the band to play guitar and keyboards. Richard, Simon, and Pete all knew each other from Upholland High School and recruited Nick from Winstanley College. Some early gigs had writers to describe The Verve as "already immortal" before they had even released a record. The band was signed to Hut records in 1991 and describe as the liquid essence of rock and roll. The Verve first hit American shores in the fall of '94. They did some touring with Lollapalooza before heading back to Europe. The Verve's first number one single in the U.S. was "The Drugs Don't Work" released September of 1997. A third single called "Lucky Man" was...

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