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Title: The Power Of Virtual Reality

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Name: Toh Lai HeeClass: IA05A (Interactive)Lecturer: Mumtaz MaricarSubject: Space and SpectacleThe terms 'Virtual Reality' (also known as VR in short or 'Virtual Space') and 'Cyberspace' had been a recent hip. I remember when I was still in Informatics doing my multimedia diploma back in the 2000, I don't even know what's VR all about. No one really talk about VR here in those days. With movies like 'The Matrix', 'eXistenZ' and 'The Thirteenth Floor', it seem that the kind of spaces that I will be talking about are even more defined and identified nowadays.So, you may be wondering what exactly is 'Virtual Reality' and 'Cyberspace'. The term 'Virtual Reality' (VR) was initially coined by Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research (1989) and the term 'Cyberspace' by William Gibson in 1984, which is even earlier than VR. Today, 'Virtual Reality' is used in a variety of ways and often in a confusing and misleading manner. Originally, the term was referred to 'Immersive Virtual Reality'. In immersive VR, the user becomes fully immersed in an artificial, three-dimensional (3D) world that is completely generated by a computer, example like 'The Matrix'.'The Matrix' is all about this guy named Neo, who started off as a computer hacker in the movie. As the movie proceed, a guy named Morpheus has actually been searching for Neo for a number of years, as he was convinced that Neo is 'The One' who will liberate humanity from 'The Matrix', vast virtual reality (VR) system which Neo had thought was 'the real world'. 'The Matrix', a computer representation of Earth, was programmed and created to make the ignorant human to believe that they are living in the real world. Neo was supposedly born with some special powers that would allow him to manipulate 'The Matrix' and help defeat the computer generated agents. Well, I will spare those filming process and camera techniques as those weren't my main focus in this essay. Anyway that's pretty much about the movie.The term 'Virtual Reality' is also used for applications that are not fully immersive. The boundaries are becoming blurred, but all variations of VR will be important in the future. This includes mouse-controlled navigation through a three-dimensional (3D) environment on a graphics monitor, stereo viewing from the monitor via stereo glasses, stereo projection systems, and others. Apple's QuickTime VR, for example, uses photographs for the modeling of three-dimensional (3D) worlds and provides pseudo look-around and walk-trough capabilities on a graphics monitor.Now for a more techie overview of what is 'Cyberspace'. 'Cyberspace' is a new universe; a parallel universe created and sustained by the world's computers and communication lines. It consisted of a group of networked computers. It is a world in which the global traffic of knowledge, secrets, measurements, indicators, entertainments, and alter-human agency (example Web AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence) takes on form: sights, sounds, presences...

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