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Title: Time Traveling Author: Mohammad A. Basaj

2830 words - 11 pages

Student: Mohammad BasajCourse Title: English Communication SkillsCourse Code: Eng 205Instructor: Mr. A. KhalilA.U.S.Tspring 2004Time Traveling:How time travel will workUnderstanding what time isNatural methods that will allow us travel in time:Rotating black holesWormholesMachines to travel in time and space at the speed of lightProblems confronting the travel in time mechanismTime TravelingHow time travel will work:There may be no other concept that captured the human imagination more than the idea of time traveling, the ability to travel to any point in the past or the future, what could be more exciting? You will have to jump into your time machine, go back and see major events in history, meet those who were there, go back and see your self at an earlier stage, or see how you will be at the future. Well, these questions were raised not before 1905 where there was not much to say about time. It was defined by Newton in the 17th century to be as something continuous. Everybody at that time believed that it had influence on the environment, but that was found to be wrong after Einstein finished his special relativity theory in 1905, he showed that time can be influenced. And that opened the door for questions about time traveling,It turns out that all of us are time travelers, at the moment you are doing any thing; time is traveling around you, the present and future are always transformed to the past, where present lasts for a fleeting moment only. So, after Einstein's special relativity, the theoretical possibility of traveling in time was shown to be true, but still a possibility.Understanding what time is:Most of us think it is easy to say what time is, but it is not the case. It is hard to be defined. You cannot see or touch time literary, but what you can see is the effect of it only. We humans age, trees grow and buildings crumble. We feel the pressure of time when we need to be somewhere on a specified time, when we have to submit things before deadlines.So time is not looking at the watches we have. So time can be defined rather as being the fourth dimension of our universe, other than the three other dimensions that are up down, left right and backward forward. So space and time have an interconnected relationship. Time cannot exist without space nor space can exist without time. And we say that any event occurring in the universe has to involve both of them, time and space. In accordance to Einstein's theory of special relativity, time collapses or slows down as an object's speed approaches the speed of light. Many scientists thought that it could be possible to travel forward and backward in time if we just travel at a speed higher than that of light. But the problem is that speed of light is believed to be the highest speed at which something can travel through, so, it is unlikely that we will travel to the past. Objects that reach the speed of light, their relativistic mass will increase, and becomes infinite. And accelerating an...

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