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Title: Was The Moon Landing A Hoax? This Report Has Information On The Moon Landings And If It Was A Hoax. Many Research Proofs Support It.

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Ever since the beginning of time, scientists around the world were interested in the moon and what it was like up there on the "floating rock in space." The moon makes our planet different from some of the others. It has been here, probably since the beginning of time, but is it possible that we have ever been there? Man has never set foot on the moon for many reasons, some being the radiation problems between earth and the moon, Sanskrit Vedic Scriptures' texts, and the proof of a staged landing.First of all, how can man carry out something as far-fetched as the flight through the Van Allen radiation belts without a single side effect? The Van Allen belts by American-Heritage definition reads, "Two zones of high-energy particle radiation trapped in earth's magnetic field and surrounding the planet, beginning at an altitude of about 800 kilometers and extending tens of thousands of kilometers into space." NASA's excuse of aluminum paint on the films and cameras is pretty hard to believe. The Apollo spacecraft would need to have two-meter thick shielding walls to prevent the super-charged particles of the belts from burning up the astronauts inside (Plait 159). The belts are hazardous to unmanned spacecraft, and even more unsafe to the people within the manned ships. It is nearly impossible to go through these belts without ample protection from the radiation (Branley 185). The smallest car accident more than likely leaves a mark of some kind somewhere on the body, but how can something as immense as flying through the Van Allen belts not leave a mark on any of the astronauts on the ship (Lindsay 17)?Secondly, the Sanskrit Vedic Scriptures suggest religious-based evidence that man is not intended to place foot on the moon's surface. Sanskrit Vedic Scriptures are ancient Hindu writings, based on their bible. They give advice, personal help, and tell futures to people around the world. They also tell the horoscopes for the newspapers, magazines, and other writings. These writings give the idea of the "cheaters and the cheated society." The public has been convinced into believing "scientific proof" and is fearful to put their devotion in religious texts. This fear gives way to the popular phrase "seeing is believing," although the saying is not always true. The scriptures say that it is scientifically not possible to travel ninety-four million miles from earth to the moon in ninety-one hours, the assumed total time of the flight (Plait 176). The average speed would be over a million miles per hour, an impossible speed. Vedic Scriptures also state that no one can travel from planet to planet, or moon, without having a "qualified body." A person wanting to go to the moon would have to die and be reborn into a moon-qualified body...

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