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Ti Vo 2008 Essay

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Title of the Case: TiVo 2008Time Context or Period: 1999-2008Summary of the Case:TiVo gained a huge number of subscribers for its digital video recorders (DVRs) that offered a variety of advanced features. It gained a huge market share in the entertainment industry because it gave the customers the power over their preference on television shows. Although TiVo had a rough start in entering the entertainment industry and the founders found it difficult to fully explain what TiVo is really all about, it still managed to enter the said market and be the leader for DVRs. TiVo was able to capture its customers by providing a well-known remote control that gave the user the power to replay, record, and even "slow mo" different TV shows and by providing shows with no commercial breaks in between. Despite its offer to customers of giving commercial-free shows, TiVo still maintained good relationships with advertisers by using "pop-up ads", which also gave the company an additional opportunity to earn revenue. TiVo remained on top when in came to DVRs until its partners like DirecTV decided to develop its own DVR device and gave it as a "freebie" for its cable subscribers. TiVo then became partners with Comcast, and even agreed to provide the software to be used for Comcast's DVR platform. TiVo found an opportunity to regain its place in the market when high-definition products became the trend. It was able to cater its target customers with its TiVo SERIES3, but later on, its competitors were also able to produce a product to compete with it, which were sold or leased at a lower cost.Mission/Vision Statement:"Redefine home entertainment by providing consumers with an easy and intuitive way to record, watch, and control television and receive videos, pictures, and movies from cable, broadcast, and broadband sources."Honors/Awards Received by the Company:BayAreaNewsGroup Top Workplaces 2013Mercury NewsMobile Excellence Awards Finalists - October 2013Mobile Excellence AwardsBroadband Infovision - October. 23, 2013Broadband InfovisionCE Pro Best - September 26th, 2013CE ProCES 2012 Innovations Video Components Award - CES 2012 - February 6, 2012The Cordcutter's Keystone - January 2, 2013Men's JournalCEPRO Magazine Award 2012CEPROCES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards - Video Components - January 7, 2009CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards - Home Theater Accessories - - January 7, 2011The Top 10 Gadgets of 2007 - Ben Patterson - December 17, 2007The Gadget Hound2007 Engadget Awards - - Home Entertainment Device of the Year - April 14, 2008Readers' Choice: TiVo HDTechnology and Engineering Emmy Awards - National Television Academy - January 8, 2007In Pictures: Highlights of the Best Tech Products - PC World - April 2, 2007TiVo HDR110 (1999)100 Best Products of the Year - PC World - By Eric Dahl - May 21, 2007TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media RecorderBest in Test - Rick Broida - October 23, 2007WIRED MagazineThe Best Tech in...

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