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Tkvm: A Method And Tool For School Web Sites Knowledge Cartography

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In this article, we propose a new method TKVM (Teacher’s Knowledge Visualization Method) to map school teachers’ knowledge and this by using their school website content. We use then this generated knowledge to create knowledge-driven cartographies. School websites are essential to share information and data between users, but the knowledge contained in these websites are often informal and difficult to locate. This is due to the large amount of existing pages which make navigation more complex. Then, to simplify knowledge localization, we map the school website content and generate ontology-driven visual cartographies where users can find the school teachers’ skills and knowledge. Our automatic method and tool enables us to process a large collection of web pages in a short time. Our method comprises four steps: data preparation, ontology domain construction, mapping and visualization.
Knowledge cartography, visualization, ontology, e-learning, school website, teacher skills.
Schools are increasingly overwhelmed by the growing number of information and documents they have to control to carry out their activities. In order to process efficiently this information and documents, they can use knowledge management techniques and tools, which enable them to capture, represent classify and recover their knowledge. This knowledge is increasingly located in the internet (school websites, intranets, wikis, blogs…) where we can find relevant school information and knowledge.
In this paper we focus in the schools teachers’ knowledge localization and we propose a new method TKVM (Teacher’s Knowledge Visualization Method) to map this knowledge by using their school website content. We use then this generated knowledge to create knowledge-driven cartographies.
Our knowledge cartography process TKVM is based on the information visualization "reference model" of [CARD. et al, 1999]. We detail our method step by step by offering tools for each data processing. This method contains four steps starting from preparing and transforming data into knowledge until the generation of the knowledge visualization of the teachers’ skills.
This paper is organized as follows. In Section 2 we begin by presenting the exiting web visualization methods. In section 3, we propose the architecture of our system and the main components of our process of mapping knowledge. This latter is detailed in the following sections. In section 4 we describe the data sources used in our process and their characteristics. The first step in our mapping method is introduced in Section 5 which is the data transformation step from HTML pages into a set of XML data. Section 6 outlines the construction of domain ontology which is followed by the mapping phase that adds the description of visual elements in the ontology in Section 7. Finally the last step is visualization generation is discussed in Section 8.


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