Tns Human Resource Report 2010

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TNS Human Resource Report 2010
Table of Contents2Introduction 21. TNS - Company Background 32. Survey and Data Analysis 32.1 Methodology 32.2 Findings 73. Recommendations 73.1 Individual Motivation and Job satisfaction 73.2 Promotion and Job Rotation 93.3 Organizational culture 103.4 Supervision and autonomy at work 113.5 Internal Conflict 11Conclusion 12Reference 13Appendixes IntroductionEach day businesses are faced by hard decisions in which they must address, for the well-being of their company. Business heads today realize that employees are the core foundation and back-bone of their organization and it is imperative that the company have suitable processes in place for their proper functioning and work satisfaction levels.This report aims to define individual motivation and other issues such as: Job satisfaction, promotion and job rotation, organizational culture and supervision and autonomy at work are also identified inTaylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). By making the survey with TNS staffs, some areas for improvement in TNS human resource policy are discovered, then recommendations are raised based on analysis the current fact and finding from the survey.TNS - Company BackgroundTNS, which began in 1946, is one of the world's largest market research company has 150 offices in over 70 countries and cover over 110 countries with 13,000 full-time employees worldwide. TNS developed into four main divisions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, North American and emerging market.In 1996, TNS Viet Nam was establised and developed into four big cities such as Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho with 9 offices in province across Viet Nam. They had also invested significantly in their team and resources in Viet Nam.TNS Viet Nam provide consultancy, advice and research solutions, growth opportunities in the emerging markets, international expansion and help the clients identify future influential consumers todrive growth. They are not only known for being consistent and reliable but also famous for challenging their clients to innovate around their evolving business needs. TNS want to be the largest professional resource in the world.Survey and Data AnalysisMethodologyIn order to deal with issues mentioned above, an employee survey was carried out in TNS in order to identify current issues, intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are really motivating people to work. Besides the survey also try to explore staff's feedback on other issues like training, rotation program, organizational culture, etc. Thanks to the survey, we can produce appropriate strategies and policies to encourage people working harder with enthusiasm, creating synergy inside the organization to achieve success in business.A complete questionnaire was e-mailed to employees working in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city office. The response rate was about 25% involving both people working as managers/ supervisor and the others. Simple descriptive statistic was applied to analyze involved...

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