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“To A Child In Time Of Small War”

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"To a Child in Time of Small War" In "To a Child in Time of Small War"; a woman is left by her husband to go to fight in the war. The woman was left pregnant and is not to thrilled about the burden of a child or maybe just scared to love it because of what it represents. Why wouldn't a mother want to give birth to her child in a time of war. She hears no word from her husband and slowly gives up on him. The child is left with her and her alone to take care and love. One of the greatest gifts God has given to woman is that they can bear offspring. Well this woman seems to be dreading that experience for some reason. Could it be that she doesn't want a child to be born in a world of war? She did just lose her husband to go fight and hasn't heard from him in sometime. She could be afraid that her child will have the same fate as her husband. She tells us how much she loves her husband and think of her hurt if her child was to go through the same thing. So she has her child and it grows up in a world still filled with war, who is to say they won't take this child away to fight. If she gave all of her love to her husband and he never came back, and she then loved her child with the same love to see it taken by the same war. What would she look to after this had happened to her twice? The solution might be not to accept this child incase it ever has to leave; so then she wouldn't really be losing anything. This child might represent the end of what love she shared with her husband.The birth of the child could mean that her husband is never coming back and she has lost him forever. So the days count down to when the child is born and the mother grows more anxious. She tells of how the different seasons...

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“To A Child In Time Of Small War”

739 words - 3 pages "To a Child in Time of Small War" In "To a Child in Time of Small War"; a woman is left by her husband to go to fight in the war. The woman was left pregnant and is not to thrilled about the burden of a child or maybe just scared to love it because of what it represents. Why wouldn't a mother want to give birth to her child in a time of war. She hears no word from her husband and slowly gives up on him. The child is left with her and her alone

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