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The one act play “I’m Going” by Tristan Bernard who was a “French playwright, novelist, journalist, and lawyer” (1995) , wrote of two characters Henri and his wife Jeanne who were caught in an interesting dilemma that most of us that are married have been in before. Marriage can at times come to a crossroads due to how love doesn’t mean that the involved have the exact same interests in life. Tristan Bernard builds a great comedic play for those of us who can put ourselves in Henri and Jeanne’s places. While using a reader-response approach you can dive into this play with imagination to put yourself in their place, the imagery of her muddy dress while complaining about the races, and ...view middle of the document...

The two characters are not compatible in the public setting, as when Jeanne tells Henri that he makes undesirable remarks whenever they are in public and Henri states that she will never take his arm, so again you imagine the two of them in public with Henri playing the alpha male role and trying to get her to be close to him to show unity and they just continuously pull apart from each other.
The short play “I’m Going” is a farce, with a lot of hilarity and humorous antics built into it. A farce is a “dramatic piece intended to excite laughter and depending lee son plot and character than on improbably situations, the humor arising from gross incongruities, coarse wit, or horseplay,” The way Henri and Jeanne argue during the play and the emotion that comes through the acting shows that this day is not so different for them. They have had many such situations in the past. Henri starts with showing that he has a well thought out plan on how not to bring his wife to the races. He adds up the cost of taking her with him, which she has a counterargument for and also tells her how she will be miserable at the races due to it could rain and mess up her dress. She knows how jealous and undesirable her husband is in the public setting so she tells him to go to the races and she’ll go out on her own and send a telegram to a friend and then possibly go see that friend. Henri is not happy with this because he won’t be able to ruin her time with her friend Juliette, which seems like something that he would like to do. He continues to ask her to stay at home because it would pleasure him for her to stay at home and do nothing on what could be a rainy day. There is not much about this short play that is very reasonable. The humorous antics and arguments go back...

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