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To Ban Books Or Not? Essay

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Every year books are ban from being read in public schools and libraries. Why would schools ban books that are important to literature? Don’t books help students increase their wide realm of knowledge in all around areas of literature? Public schools are banning books due to their inappropriate actions, words being used, and them being challenging for most students to read. Instead of reading these kinds of books they choose to pick safer and non-challenging books for their students. Although schools and parents don’t see eye to eye, some parents believe that the books that are banned should be read in school. These parents believe that books should not be banned because it can teach ...view middle of the document...

It was banned from most schools because of sexual references. But if you have ever read the book it never talks about sex. So why was this book banned? The book was banned because “parents thought that the reference, ‘took her” was a sex saying (Banned Book Awareness 1). This was one big reason why this book was banned.
The book has also been banned for its talk about partying and alcohol. They were afraid if their kids read this that it would influence them to go out, party, and do bad things. I could understand why their parents wouldn’t want them to be influenced by a book. But I do believe if the children are too young or immature to read the books their parents should have a choice to allow their kids to be able to read it or to not read it.
This book has also been banned from a “Baptist College in South Carolina because of the book’s language and mere references to sex” (Banned Books That Shaped America 1). I could see why the Baptist school banned the book since they probably don’t want that being taught in their school because they are a Christian school and most Christians don’t believe in reading things about that.
In addition, The Great Gatsby is one of the best books known around the world with very amazing literature. The Great Gatsby is a good book for teenagers to read in high school. “The Great Gatsby is required reading in many… American high school[s], but th[at]… is where it finds many of its challenges from parent groups because of bad language and sexual references” (Banned Books Awareness 1). Parents should be okay with allowing their kids to be able to read whatever the school wants them to read.
In addition to The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet letter was banned as well for pornographic content. If I was a parent I could understand why the parents of these children wanted the book banned. “Parents in one school district called the book ‘pornographic and obscene’ in 1977” (Banned Books That Shaped America 1). The book was a very good book and is read across the United States. A bunch of high school students are required to read the book as a main literature piece.
Another reason why this book was banned was because of adultery and prostitution. But unfortunately the vote for the book to be banned was denied in1982 in a school in Ohio. “The school board denied the request” (Scarlet Letter 1). If I was them I would have denied the request as well because I believe that we are all old enough and mature enough to read this book.
Over the years the book has been re - made to not be as graphic and easier to read and understand. This book was also a very challenging book for high school kids. This book is known for being a very award winning book and shows as a great reading book for young people who like to read. But for this book to be banned is an outrage because it was such a good piece of literature for our society.
For years now books have been banned from schools and libraries across the world for many different...

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