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To Be A Haro Essay

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Chapter 1 Notes

Hotel Management

History of the American Hotel

American History Timeline:

Settlement begins to 1763

The American Revolution 1763-1783

The new nation 1783-1815

National expansion and reform 1815-1860

Civil War and reconstruction 1861-1877

Rise of industrial America 1876-1900

Progressive Era to New Era 1900-1929

Great Depression/ WW II 1929-1945

Pre-hotel terms:

Ordinaries - the original form of accommodation found in the 1650's.

Taverns - The preferred name to inns used by the English.

Public House - is an establishment that sold alcoholic beverages and rooms to travelers.

Hotel - is a French word that entered the English language in the 1760's as a term used to describe a superior kind of inn. In France, Hotel was a generic term used to describe a large public building or a nobleman's residence.

Tavern Structure:

6-10 rooms

Kitchen/ bar

Public rooms & bed chambers

Quarters for innkeeper's family

Upscale Taverns:

George Washington:

Began a tour of the 13 US states

Stayed in rustic taverns, not private houses

Traveled 2,000 miles

Union Pubic Hotel (Washington, D.C.)

Started on July 4th, 1793 and was completed in 1796

Brainchild Samuel Blodgett, Jr. was the creator of the hotel.

Never opened as a hotel, but served as a post office and public meeting space.

The City Hotel (New York City)

Became the...

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