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To Be A Religious Figure Essay

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Mary Maloney loved her husband so much that she killed him when he told her that he was leaving her for another woman. Everyday Mary was at home and waited for her dear husband to come home like usual. It was an evening like usual by she didn't know that he was going to tell her something that would completely change their lives forever. Her husband meant the world to her and she would have done anything for him. She couldn't live without him and now they were having a baby. She knew that it would be impossible for her to live with the baby by herself without her loving husband by her side to support her and help her go through difficult moments.Marriage is a holy sacrament that should never be broken. People usually say vows that mean a lot but afterwards they can't keep their promise to love each other till death separates them. It was morally wrong for Patrick Maloney to cheat to on his wife and now he was asking her for a divorce. He should be ashamed of himself because he knew that a child was going to be born and he wouldn't have his father and mother by his or her side. If Mary couldn't have him, no one else could. Mary shouldn't have killed him but she was in a state of shock as her wonderful world was completely falling apart. Everything that meant a lot to her was linked to that man and he was leaving her. It was something unbelievable for her and she couldn't handle it. Even though Patrick was murdered, he's the one...

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