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To Be An Effective Leader, A Public Official Must Maintain The Highest Ethical And Moral Standards

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More news and reports about scandal, bribery and corruption of the public officials are revealed by the global mass media now, which remind us to seek a suitable measure for evaluating the performances and achievements of public officials. People trend to establish the ethical and moral criterias to judge the quality of a public official, while as is known to us, to be an effective leader, public officials should hold more characteristics significant rather than the ethical and moral merits.Undoubtedly, people, no matter what roles they act as, should maintain the highest ethical and moral standards for the prosperity and achievement of the whole world, especially for the public officials. In a democratic society, public officials who elected by the people, represent the public's interests and serve the people for their awarded trusts and reputations mostly based on the ethical and moral standards in the society. Their speeches, decisions and actions deeply influence other people including the trends of the society. So conservatively speaking, public officials must obey the baseline of the social standards with the possession of ethicality and morality.On the contrary, without the restraint of the ethical and moral criterias, a public official is inescapable to take the will of satisfying his/her selfishness against the public's interests in front of allurements, which could severely draw bake the development of society for frustrating the people's prespects. When a public official abuse his/her power, what a disaster or blunder could he/she make! People for a long time would have to take the suffers of...

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