To Be An American Essay

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To Be An American
The United States is a nation full of millions of different types of people. However, each of those people has one major thing in common; they are all Americans. Many people wonder what it takes to be a true American, but the answer is something not so difficult to determine. Essentially, being an American means to show patriotism and pride of the country, to be very fortunate compared to other countries, and unfortunately, to show a lack of appreciation for all the great things America provides.
An American is one who shows pride and patriotism in the United States. Throughout history, the US has reached many high and low points; from the Revolutionary War to the current Iraqi conflict. However, true Americans are the people who stood strong and supported America through all of its struggles which therefore leads to being grateful for this country. People affected by the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 is an example of how these people realize now how important that day was and changed their view on America forever. “Each of us knows our own story: where we were on September 11th, what we though, how it has changed us” (Thoms, 10, pg. 10). These American’s lives were changed forever after witnessing this horrible tragedy and seeing what it really caused. American’s duty is to reinforce the nation through the good and the bad times. Many people act as a hindrance to the success of the United States, and anchor the nation from achieving its potential as a full harmonious nation. People who violently and obnoxiously protest topics such as support for the troops, and various political decisions only obstruct America from being prosperous. On the other hand, people who go with the flow, act optimistically and are patriotic and prideful that they have the chance to be part of a nation that is one of the best in the world are catalytic in America’s success. Those who support troops, and rejoice on July 4th for the purpose of being an American are those who display what it truly means to be an American. It is very true that it is hard to sit by and let negative event after negative event pass by and seemingly engulf our nation into a pit of recession, however a true American will stay positive and prideful knowing our strong nation will survive and succeed.
America is very fortunate to have all the freedom and necessities that they have, especially compared to other nations. Schooling, for example, is much more laid back and allows students to have more freedom compared to most other nation’s schools. Not only do they have more freedom but according to a 2006 poll of how many hours of reading are assessed by 4th grade students were almost 3 times the percentage rate of any other country (Miller, 2009). Freedom is a big representation of this...

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