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To Be Intelligent Is To Succeed As An Individual And Strive In An Individualized Subject Or Area Of Expertise

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To be intelligent means to be superior in some aspect of life, to withhold talent in an area of expertise, this gift or understanding does not have to be the same as anyone else’s yet instills intelligence within an individual. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, intelligence can be defined as “the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations.” This definition poses so many questions: what situations, understand what? In this definition, it is seen that intelligence means a wide variation of things and therefore being intelligent holds different meanings when describing certain individuals. Intelligence does not correspond to certain characteristics; the individual creates intelligence. Instead of asking what does it mean to be intelligent, it might be more explanatory and correct to ask what makes you intelligent?
Howard Gardner, psychologist, created the theory of Multiple Intelligences: naturalistic intelligence, musical intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, linguistic intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, spatial intelligence, and existential intelligence (PBS, 1999). These types of intelligence are ways individuals can thrive and achieve. A person who holds incredible skills in mathematics can become the world’s finest mathematician, but if they cannot play the piano, are the not intelligent? Howard Gardner’s theory is what questions what the meaning of being intelligent truly is.
Theories that quickly conclude one is intelligent only if they do something so substantial as to create a cure for cancer lean toward a new definition of “raw intelligence” (Lynch, L. 2005). The concept of raw intelligence agrees along the lines that there is more to being smart that just books and schooling. Raw intelligence describes these conceptions as even underrating the actual capabilities and talents of individuals. Raw is associated with uncooked meat, the basics of the meat, useless unless cooked. Raw intelligence is also like the basics, or “the dots.” Logical-Mathematical intelligence is just one of the dots in Howard Gardner’s intelligence puzzle, there can be more to a person that makes them intelligent. If there is only one dot, there’s nothing to connect. With multiple “dots” or multiple intelligences, relations can be made and the “dots” can be connected (The Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2011).
It is commonly stated that everyone in this world is different, and in truth yes, most people will not find someone else precisely like them in every which way in their lifetime. So, if everyone is different, everyone’s intelligence must be different as well. Characteristics define individuals, intelligence is used to describe individuals, so what characteristics are linked to the description of intelligence. In research, there is no single answer. Common stereotypes that jocks are not intelligent are proven wrong because according to the...

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