"To Build A Fire: Does It Meet Poe's Requirements For A Short Story?"

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Jack London uses setting, plot, and theme in this short story, "To Build a Fire," to convey his message that nature will win every battle with humans. Fate and hopelessness place a man alone in the middle of the freezing Yukon trail where he meets his death.London shows man's utter helplessness in the fight against nature by illustrating the setting in Alaska along the Yukon River. It is close to the end of winter, the sun not yet in the sky. "There seemed an intangible pall over the face of things, a subtle gloom that made the day dark," but even this did not bother the man (London 1). This man's path was buried under three feet of snow and ice with a sub-zero temperature of -75º. London has a way of almost making the reader feel cold with the man just by his descriptions of the surrounding territory. "The snow was all pure white, rolling in gentle undulations where the ice jams of the freeze-up had formed. North and south as far as his eye could see, it was unbroken white" (London 2). This settings show the fierceness of what nature has to offer. To increase the readers' awareness of the cold, London describes how the man's breath is freezing on his whiskers and beard and how the juice from his tobacco freezes in midair when he spits it out. The man's lack of attentiveness toward the unforgiving setting leads to his death. Amidst all of this ice, snow, and frigid weather, the man has no chance of survival. Through this, London explains man's hopelessness in the fight against nature.A naturalistic attitude is shown through the plot of London's short story. Prior to embarking on his journey, the man is given the advice from an old-timer at Sulfur Creek that no man should travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below, but the man laughs at this statement. He thinks he can tackle the hardships of the Yukon by himself. As a walks along the trail, he notices his hands and feet turning numb due to the frigid temperature. Ignoring the instincts of his dog that is scared to travel in the cold, the man continues on his journey, only to fall in a small pond. Knowing that his feet will surely freeze if he does not act quickly, the man attempts to build a fire. After getting one started, a piece of moss falls into the fire. "He tried to...

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To build a Fire Essay

1000 words - 4 pages thick German socks were like sheaths of iron halfway to the knees and the moccasin strings were like rods of steel all twisted and knotted” and “a good idea, he thought, to sleep off the death it was like taking an aesthetic.” In conclusion the story is about a man’s struggle to make it in 75 below temp and making a fire is the only way for him to survive. London shows the theme of ruggedness by how the man seems to have no fear of a temperature of

To Build a Fire Essay

943 words - 4 pages characters very open. Also the setting in this story does not have many details at all. I think the main message in To Build a Fire written by Jack London is perseverance in the characters for the man to keep going in the freezing weather, the dog to not curl up and die and the man he tried so hard to make it to the camp and at least tried to get there. In To Build a Fire by Jack London the main character in the story showed a lot of perseverance to

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1185 words - 5 pages To build a fire is a short story written by Jack London. It is a story about an individual’s choice. The main character’s self-centeredness overcomes him, as he tries to survive the wintery weather in his travel in the Yukon Trail. He made a choice of ignoring the weather warnings, which evidenced danger in his journey. There were warnings like the absence of fellow travelers due to the cold season, but his egoism made him still embark on the

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579 words - 2 pages 'To Build a Fire';      In Jack London's, 'To Build a Fire';, it is obvious to see that as the story progresses, the man becomes more bestial. However at the same time the dog seems to gain the human quality of good sense. This quality of good sense, which the dog acquires, allows it to away from the same fate of the man. There are many examples of how this is portrayed as the story makes headway.   &nbsp

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634 words - 3 pages "To Build a Fire" In Jack London's, "To Build a Fire", it is obvious to see that as the story progresses, the man becomes more bestial. However at the same time the dog seems to gain the human quality of good sense. This quality of good sense, which the dog acquires, allows it to away from the same fate of the man. There are many examples of how this is portrayed as the story makes headway. The first example of how the man becomes

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1679 words - 7 pages from his chin, the crystallized breath of the dog, and the changes of the creeks and his surroundings are all indicators of the temperature dropping. He is also far from his destination. His many unsuccessful attempts to build a fire and keep it lit point out his lack of knowledge or preparation for the trail. London writes, "It was a matter of life and death with the chances against him" (986). His lack of experience is clear when "The man

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1093 words - 4 pages      Interpretation “To Build a Fire”      In the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London, a man is travelling through the klondike in Alaska to find his friends, "the boys". Because the man is only quick and alert to the things of life and not the significance, he finds himself in some very bad circumstances. The man experiences several instances of bad luck such as getting

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1321 words - 5 pages that formed between its toes, and knew that going to the spring was not a wise move. Although the dog did not possess the same intellectual capacity for more complex things such as creating a fire or cooking food, instinctively it knew where it could obtain these things; in this case, the man’s camp. Another major characteristic of naturalism is pessimism. The man in “To Build A Fire” has a doubtful, pessimistic attitude throughout the story which

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890 words - 4 pages “To Build a Fire” is a short story written by Jack London. It is viewed as a masterpiece of naturalist fiction. “To Build a Fire” features a miner who is traveling to the Yukon Territory with a dog as his companion. The miner is the protagonist and the dog companion is called the foil. The dog plays off of the traits of the protagonist. “The central motif of “To Build a Fire” concerns the struggle of man versus nature.” (Short Story Criticism