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To Build A Fire Essay Assignment English Essay

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To Build A Fire
Oh, how I wish I could’ve gone with the other fire and food providers. It seemed to me that they went the easier route to camp. Yet, I’m stuck with this one who apparently likes to take the long way about. Also, thanks to my mighty smell sense, I can tell he’s hiding a few meaty doughs of delightfulness inside his shirt. He’s not fooling me a bit. I would knock him down and take them all if I were brave enough. But for now, I’ll be obedient only because sooner or later he’ll have to build a fire and if I’m lucky he might spare some chow.  
We’ve been trotting through this wooded area forever it seems, and this cold is really getting on my nerves. My whole snout looks as white as the great orb that only tends to show itself during the night. But even worse, the man looks a bit frightening because his snout appears to be covered with ice! Still, it doesn’t stop him so onward we go. As we approach this frozen bed trail of water, I’m starting to notice the ground isn’t so stable. This provider I’m traveling with is slowing down in his tracks and surveying the area. I hear crack after crack as we proceed down the trail, then I almost got ran over as the man hurriedly backtracked his steps.
After half assuring himself of the safety of the trail, we kept going on the west side of it. He continued with these stop and stare practices until we heard another heavy crack. Then, he stopped and stared at me. I knew what he wanted me to do, but there was no way I was going to! This selfish provider only uses me as his pawn for survival, he’d kill me if it would do him any good. I was going to stay my ground, or so I thought I was. I sat back for a little while, and then he shoved me! I had to react quickly if I didn’t want a bad ending. Even with my great effort to make it to the safe side, the ground still managed to cave-in and I floundered to the closest firm footing.
Getting cold and wet wasn’t the only fault in the situation. When my legs got wet they started hardening and turning into blocks! I thought my warm tongue would be able to do the job well, but I soon realized it was no use trying to lick them free. I faltered and threw myself to the ground to bite these blocks off my paws. I knew nothing about what or how it happened, all I could think is bite! What happened next surprised me. The provider got down and started to help me free myself from the cold matter that had entrapped my legs. Maybe he isn’t such a bad guy.
Though he helped me out, many other things this man did confused me. Multiple times I noticed him slamming his hands against himself. Along with that I’ve seen him angrily stomping on the ground, going to and...

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