To Live In A Third World Country

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The United States is a wonderful place to live, but there are advantages to living, for a time, in a third world country. An argument could be made that raising children in a third world country would be beneficial . Also, living in a third world country for a year would be a great learning experience for college students. Our society would benefit if more of its citizens took the opportunity and lived outside the Unites States for a short period of time.After having experienced a sample of what Egypt has to offer, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to raise my children in Alexandria or Aswan, Egypt as opposed to the United States of America. I tend to gravitate towards people and places that have warm cultures. The Egyptians' hospitality and sense of community impressed me during the short, one month that I was there. Greeting with kisses on the cheek, ensuring guests are comfortable, and generosity are common themes there and in other "third world" countries as well. I almost think the term "third world" should not have such a negative connotation with the inferiority it brings to mind. The children maintaining bonds with their parents, and the elderly being cared for by family is a definite plus, as is the overall positive aura found in such cultures since that is simply the way things are done. Thus, I have plans to live in Egypt a few months out of the year as well as possibly living in two places I have yet to visit, Turkey and Indonesia. I am assuming I will enjoy my time there since I have enjoyed the company of natives of Turkey and Indonesia and enjoy the languages; English seems to have such a clipped quality that I do not find it amusing in any sense. When the Turkish speak it reminds me of little children speaking and strikes my ears as pleasing. When...

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1372 words - 5 pages forget that ethnicity is also a major player in conflict in third world nations. Rwanda is an example of this. Ethnic violence was at its highest during the 1990s. As the London Observer stated in 1998-SEP, "Most global conflict can be blamed on a basic imbalance: mankind is made up of 5,000 ethnic groups with only 190 countries to live in." Ethnic tension, between groups known as the Hutu and Tutsi group, has been going on for over a hundred

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1863 words - 7 pages more atomic bombs in their own country alone, than all other countries have detonated bombs, combined. The US, similar to most countries in the world, has always had the constant necessity to discover and harness new forms of power. The problem is that their desire to be more powerful has come at the cost of nature and the people inhabiting it. Between 1946 and 1954, three nuclear bombs were detonated by the US in the area of the Marshall Islands

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1030 words - 4 pages agents – needs to be added to their ranks. This agent is the lack of faith in western medical system within third-world nations. Medicine (or medical systems) in developing nations is a second-rate affair (without the effectiveness seen in first-world nations) that, rather than diminish, enforces a lack of faith and trust in western medical practices. Medicine in the west is a success; millions of people live relatively disease-free lives

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1599 words - 6 pages to dump products and by-products on them. It should be the United States' moral obligation to see that all children are safe from harm or harmful things by banning the business practice of dumping hazardous products and by products to third world countries.Winstrol, when it first came in existence in the United States was to be used as a "synthetic male hormone" but was found to stunt the growth of the children in the United States. After the

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1326 words - 6 pages People in third world country’s suffer under the hands of their corrupt leaders things like this happen in the united states, but they are not as noticeable as they are elsewhere. In third world countries like Syria, there is a lot of injustice in many things especially in the government. In certain instances, they call themselves a democracy and don't let their people vote in important decisions. Government corruption is a huge problem that

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1864 words - 8 pages most dangerous in the world, far worse than in the large European countries. However, the sharp reduction in urban transit would hit the poorest people hardest. This is a sign of dreadful democracy and usually in dreadful democracy; hardly any officials’ issues are to be solving but instead the issues get worse and worse. Which become a big failure for the country and it definitely leads the country to a revolution. During the 20th century

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2269 words - 9 pages differ from so‐called “Third World cinema” is in order. Rather fittingly, Shoba S. Rajgopal in a discussion involving Gurinder Chadha’s films offers a good definition: I categorize this cinema not within the purview of “Third World cinema,” which, following Teshome Gabriel’s (1982) work, refers to an ensemble of films produced by Third World countries and juxtaposed against the work of First World filmmakers. But rather, I categorize this as “Third

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622 words - 2 pages Child Labour in Third World Countries Missing Works Cited Child labour is the employment of children as money earners. It became a serious social problem in the Industrial Revolution in Britain during the 1700's, and the problem spread to other countries as they became industrialized. The problem arose when children, many below the age of 10, were employed by factories and mines. The youths were forced to work long hours under dangerous and

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