To Catch A Piece Of The Sun Imaginative Story

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It was a cold and cloudy day at the beginning of the winter. The terrorist forces were constantly attacking the peasants and their farms. They needed food to survive in the long winter, and since they were not able to grow food, they took it from the poor farmers. The winter was going to last for about ten years. The Clevers, the most intelligent creatures, said that the winter is as long as the summer. On this particular day, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a meeting held at the Earth's biggest city called Nyanda Sentre. In this city the biggest rulers of the three worlds gathered to discuss the terrorist forces and the possible ways of exterminating them. The rulers were Herr Naxx ...view middle of the document...

The ship was powered by a huge nuclear reactor. The ship was not very big because the terrorist could see it on their radars. The ship was called "Fire-dancer One" This was the best spaceship ever made and everybody who saw it was delighted by the dwarves that built it.The team gathered at the control room of the ship and started their journey to the hottest place in this section of the universe."Hey, dhis pleiz iz tuu smol! Culdznt dzey maik da seatz bigga?" said Strantar when he first sat at the cryogen bed but he did not complain more during the journey, mainly because he was in a cryogen sleep as all of the others.The ship got close to the sun after about a year-long journey and the main computer arose the team from their cryogen sleep and the team quickly started preparing for the fourth member. Strantar was scared from the golem, because fire demolished his family's house when he was a baby-tauren. Sirious Death cast a spell, called "Ice Shield" to protect the ship from the heat and the human took "The Spice" to sharpen his senses and to be able to drive the spaceship exactly where he wanted.Meanwhile the ship was about two kilometers above the surface and the actual mission was to begin. One little robot was fired from the ship and it went through the sun's surface. The robot was traveling and filling with plasma. After about thirty seconds it burst out from the sun and the little probe has become enormous. The probe unloaded itself in the "hot" chamber where the golem would be brought to life and kept. The probe was red-white heated and almost destructed but it managed to unload all of the plasma before exploding. The walls of the chamber were very thick and fireproof and the explosion did not do any...

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