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To Clone Or Not To Clone... This Is A Essay Against Cloning And Includes Some References To Genetic Engineering.. It's Loosely Based On The Persona Of A Political Leader

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Cloning and genetic engineering is a topic of much controversy in today's society. There are many religions that believe that cloning and/or genetic engineering should simply not be done because of the fact that it's not "God's (or whomever else they believe in) way". However, this is not the only cause of the controversy in regards to cloning and genetic engineering. Many others believe it is against human ethics and could be dangerous to society. This is clearly a worthy claim, which many people may believe is more valuable than the concern that it is against God's way of how humanity should work. Not only should cloning not be made illegal, but the methods and knowledge of cloning currently available should be halted and not spread amongst the public.First off, the biggest problem in today's standards is the fact that several people in society wish to make cloning legal in the current state it is now. This is definitely a major concern. When the facts of the matter are looked at it should be come clear to the average person that the outcomes of cloning at this time are not good enough to legalize it. For example, many of the animals cloned have had problems with mutated genes causing disfigurement, accelerated aging, and premature death. If we cloned a human before all these problems are solved, what makes us think that the same thing will not happen to a cloned human? How horrible would it be to clone say, a hundred humans, only to have one third of them coming out disfigured? What would happen then? Would they become rejects of society? That is a very likely possibility given the racism and sexism that exists in our world today because of overly judgmental and closed-minded people.In regards to the previous, there is the counterargument that it may become obvious during the early stages of the embryo that there will be problems and then the development of that embryo could be halted. However, this would surely cause uproar in some ranks of society. Just think about the concerns and viewpoints on abortion; that would certainly apply here too. Just as there are people who see abortion as murder, this will not be any different. In fact, as I see it, there may in fact be more people against it for one simple reason. In regards to abortion and getting pregnant naturally, sometimes it can be an accident as in the case of rape, whereas cloning a human would be planned, and therefore purposely stopping the growth of a planned baby is more like murder than abortion is.Even though there are so many people against cloning humans, it is certain that one day it will happen. If it is not ever legalized, there will be people who will do it illegally, which is why information on how to clone or genetically engineer should not be released as it will increase the likelihood of such an occurrence. The human race is sad and power hungry in the fact that if they can do something, they will, just to feel superior. When this happens, more problems will...

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