To Clone Or Not To Clone?

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To Clone or Not to Clone? It's a boy!!! A loud shout comes from the delivery room; the doctor hands the newborn to the new father. The overjoyed parent takes the child, as images of football games and long talks about cars dance in his head. All the months of waiting are finally over, endless nights of wonder and worrying over what color the new baby's room should be pink or blue are now no longer issues. Cars or ballet, dolls or footballs. Isn't this all part of the excitement of a new baby, the wonder and mystery is half the fun. All the excitement in the delivery room, will it be a boy or a girl, " I don't care as long as its healthy", as most parents would say. This is what most parents would expect on delivery day.Should it be crying so much? Why does it look that way? IT ONLY HAS ONE EYE! Seriously, I mean these are the two scenarios that parents could have to possibly deal with, one more than the other is but still they are both still possibilities. Technology today can only do so much for expectant parents. It can tell you many things about your new package. But can it really tell you everything, I mean can a parent really raise a retarded child if they waited till they were 50 years old to reproduce? Imagine, however, if you will what it would be like if we could take the mystery out of this miraculous day? What would it be like to know exactly what your new arrival will be like and what he or she will grow up to be, an athlete, a scholar, or beauty queen; all these questions may be answered within the next few years. With all the advances in biology today one can conceivably pick everything down to the eye color of their offspring. But isn't there something morally wrong with this. Isn't a baby a gift from god? Shouldn't on be happy with what they get? In the twenty first-century scientist predict that we will have many biological advances. Between cloning body parts to putting them together to make the perfect child, there will be no element of surprise to a new life anymore. In his book, Jeramy Rifkins says: The biotech revolution will affect every aspect of our lives. The way we eat; the way we date and marry; the way we work; the way we engage in politics; the way we express our faith; the way we perceive the world around us and our potential place in it "“ all of our individual and shared realities will be deeply touched by the new technologies of the biotech century. Surely, these very personal technologies deserve to be widely discussed and debated by the public at large before they become part of our daily lives.In a way he is correct. If cloning becomes a normal thing sex could become obsolete; will it be possible for humanity to continue without dating or marriage anymore? All of these are very real possibilities in the biotechnical revolution. One can even clone an aging pet. Now one can clone Fluffy part one and have Fluffy part two waiting in the wings to take...

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