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To Discipline Or Not Discipline Essay

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School policies continue to change with the times as decreed by the government. Sometimes the change is beneficial for all and not just a few students. Associate professor and director of at University of New Hampshire School of Law, Leah A. Plunkett in her web article, “Punishing Students for Gadget Use Will Make Their Tech Etiquette Worse,” defends the presidential administration policy to drop the “zero tolerance” policy in schools. (1) Plunkett’s purpose is to present her opinion, especially to technical leaders in Silicon Valley, why “zero tolerance” should be abolished. Plunkett counsels the technically minded through her article by providing factual evidence, informal diction, and ...view middle of the document...

Technical leaders may even be appalled to learn the severity of punishments that schools impose on students for the small transgression of using a phone during school hours.
Throughout her article, Plunkett warns her readers through her word choice that technology denotes trouble for students involving the zero tolerance policy. When students utilize technology in schools that are against the rules, the students pay a hefty fine for a slight infraction such as suspension from school. (6) The schools are comparing technology and its use “in a similar way to alcohol, drugs, or weapons [and] signals to students that technology itself is dangerous and simply using it makes a person threatening.” (7) By classifying technology as dangerous as alcohol, drugs and weapons, Plunkett is creating the sense that any use of technology is hazardous to the health of students, which should be alarming to those in Silicon Valley. Electing to use words such as dangerous and threatening, Plunkett generates a sense of urgency to Silicon Valley and others to eradicate the zero tolerance policy in schools. The technology students are using in school can even result in a “Level II offense (on a scale of 1-3) and could lead to in-school detention.” (9) If a student continues to use contraband as defined by school officials then the offense will escalate to a “Level III offense (the...

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