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To Drive or not to Drive For most teenagers, turning sixteen only means one thing; getting a license to drive. No more begging your mom and dad to bring you and your friends to the movies or to the mall, no more taking the bus to school, and no more riding your bike to your friend's house across town. Having your license enters one into a totally different world than before; a world that is more exciting and gives a teenager a sense of independence. What if you got your license and you could not pick up any of your friends before school, or if you and your friends all had to take separate cars to the mall, and you could not go together? Well this is what it is going to be like for teenagers getting their licenses from now on due to the new Graduated Licensing Law.I remember the day that I got my license. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Finally, all of those boring driving classes and the time consuming road hours with my weird driving instructor had paid off. I was free to go! Right after I got my license, my mother let me take her car, and I immediately drove to pick up my best friend. That night and for the few weeks after that, I drove everywhere with my friends because it was a new and exciting thing for me. It gave me a sense of independence that I had never had before. I was now free to drive around without either of my parents. I picked up my friends before school, and we went all over town after school. After all of my practice, it felt real good to finally drive around on my own.The new Graduated Licensing Law was just recently passed by the Massachusetts Legislature and signed into law by Governor Paul Cellucci on July 30, 1998. This law goes into effect on November 4,1998, and will affect any teenager who currently has a Learners Permit, a license, or will receive either one of these after this date. This law states that any person under 18 who is driving cannot have any of their friends in the car with them unless there is a person in the car who is over 21 for the first 6 months after the date that they got their license. If, during these first six months , you get a speeding ticket or get into a car accident, you will have to start the 6 month period all over again. For example, if a person is 16 & 1/2 when they get their license, they cannot drive with anyone under 21 until they turn 17. However, if this person receives a speeding ticket 2 months after they get their license, then they will start the 6 months over again and will not be able to drive with anyone under 21 until 2 months after their seventeenth birthday. This law also changed the curfew hours when people under 18 could not being driving. It used to be between 1:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M. , now it is between 12:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. This law also states that one must have had at least 50 driving hours of experience confirmed by their parents before they get their license.According to Registrar, Richard D.Lyons from the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the...

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