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To End Racism Essay

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The smell of coffee beans filled the air. “Beep Beep,” sounds the cell phone, loud enough to be heard over the morning news, the notification sound of a new email message. The dog lifts its head to the squall of happiness its owner made while reading then turned its head to watch her rush by so fast that papers fly off of the coffee table. Heading for the keys, not even that smell of fresh coffee could slow her down. In this economy it could take months for the chance to be interviewed for a new job. The opportunity of an interview after a long search can cause excitement. The rush of the other cars could be heard as the Honda Civic zoomed past them on the freeway; the time was 8:48, twelve ...view middle of the document...

A perfect world would be one where everyone has equal opportunities, one where people are judged by their actions, not their appearance. There are so many obstacles in the path of equality. Many of which are based solely on appearance: ugly, pretty, black, white, old, young etc. No human being should be confined by a label.
Inequality has burdened society since the age of time. Most wars, genocides, and government oppressions derive form one group of people believing that they are superior to another group. That is the basics of inequality, the idea that someone can be better than someone else. Most people want to live in a world where everyone looks at each other the same. One where there will be no genocides. Others still have attempted to end inequality, many of whom even lessened the burden of inequality in our world. None, however, has ever been able to end inequality completely. The communist movement attempted to create a completely equal world. However they failed to live up to their promises, and even became just as unequal as any other dictatorship. Their attempt to end inequality failed because it went against human nature. The only way to create a completely equal world is to change human nature.
One of the most popular forms of inequality society faces this age and time is vanity. People are so obsessed with looks that it is destroying lives. People become shallow and believe that the way they look is more important than their character. Serious psychological disorders can develop from this attitude. Sometimes people can even develop eating disorders or worse from negative experiences with vanity. In America vanity is one of the largest forms of inequality.
Clearly inequality is wrong, but how can society prevent the burden of inequity? These beliefs are usually taught by parents or peers to children, and it’s impossible to control what parents teach their own children. It is impossible to monitor what a mother tells her children in her own home. Even if was possible to monitor everyone, Americans never would, since most Americans do not want to live in an Orwellian form of government. Anyway even if an Orwellian form of government was acceptable it would not work. Government interference has been tried many of times; the Communist attempts, mentioned earlier, are an example of this, and governments always fail. So government interference simply will not do.
My solution to end the problems of inequality in America is simple. I propose that we surgically blind all children upon birth. This solution is called “Universal Blindness.” Once Universal Blindness becomes law, inequality in America will reduce substantially. A racist person cannot oppress someone if they don’t know what race they are, which would make racism impossible. Also, people will not be able to judge one another if they cannot see each...

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