To What Extent Has Social Policy Tackled One Of The Following Social Divisions? Ethnicity

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The following essay will be discussing the extent to which social policy has tackled social divisions by mainly focusing on a group of people that belong to the same cultural background or share the same traditions and cultural values. . Social policy inspects social services and the welfare state. Its main goal is to tackle social issues that occur within societies, those issues usually involve an infringement to our human rights or an interpretation of what is ‘normal’ behaviour to one that deviates from the norm. Social divisions are one of the major social issues that social policy tries to deal with. Individuals who experience social differences are commonly judged based upon their roles, social opportunities, cultural norms and values, expectations as well as their living standards. Despite the fact there are many factors that lead to those differences one of the universally known factors is ethnicity.

The end of the World War II is thought to be one of many reasons and one of the most significant ones that have caused an extreme increase in the inflow of immigrants (Gilfoyle et al. The National Archives). During this period the United Kingdom was struggling and was experiencing a labour ‘shortage’ therefore Britain was in need of immigrants who would be willing to do cheap labour that nobody else was willing to do Sivanandan (1976: 348) as cited by Glavanis (1999: 54). The whole idea of immigrants doing cheap labour automatically directs us to think that an act of exploitation and discrimination must be involved. For many immigrants this also meant that they had to settle in areas which were considered to be the slums with poor housing whereas white British citizens were moving into new housing estates Sivanandan (1976) as cited by Glavanis (1999). This had a substantial impact on people’s lives as the majority of them were in need of extra support. Subsequently a demand for welfare provision was very high due to the social divisions (Beynon and Glavanis, 1999). In order to reduce the level of immigration the Commonwealth Immigration Act of 1968 was introduced and its purpose was to limit who enters the UK (Wikipedia, 2013). However this didn’t help to resolve the existing problems associated with social divisions which were affecting people’s lives instead the policy made them feel even more alienated and withdrawn
As the United Kingdom was finding it difficult to deal with the heavy influx of immigrants and was certainly unable to eradicate the ‘racial tension’ it was evident that further action should be taken to pass new laws that would work out in a more adequate way and bring out satisfactory results for those who were disadvantaged by the system. Nevertheless racism was not illegal and ‘colour prejudice’ was not considered to be an offence which has allowed even more room for discrimination. In 1976 Race Relations Act was introduced which made it illegal to directly and indirectly discriminate on ground of race, colour,...

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