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To Explore Effective Practices To Use At Home To Involve Illiterate Mothers In Their Children’s Emergent Literacy Development In Disadvantaged Com

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Statement of the Research Problem
The rural environment could be unfavorable to a child’s education, as parents in rural areas are often disadvantaged because they live in poverty and lack adequate, formal school education, which frequently results in them having low literacy skills. “Literacy is a powerful force in the economic and political empowerment process; it is also of particular importance for alleviating poverty that exists amongst the largest proportion of the disadvantaged communities in South Africa” (Matjeke, 2004:23). Poverty poses a problem because parents of low socio-economic status are not able to sufficiently provide for the basic functional, social and academic needs of ...view middle of the document...

, 2012:3; General Household Survey, 2011:64).

Focusing on South Africa, large numbers of individuals have had little or no education (Sibiya, 2005:1). According to South Africa’s General Household Survey of 2011, the total population aged 15 years and older with a level of education lower than grade 7, who are functionally illiterate of completely illiterate is 5.8 million of which 5.3 million of the individuals are black (General Household Survey, 2011:64). Illiteracy mostly impacts and is mostly impacted by poverty. Most illiterate people live in poverty or disadvantaged communities (Snow & Strucker, 1999). Kathleen Cooter makes a connection between a poor language development and poverty in rural and urban settings (Cooter, 2006:698).
4.1 Poverty in Rural and Urban Settings in relation to Illiteracy
Catherine E. Snow and John Strucker highlight risk factors of children who are likely to have literacy problems. The first risk factor is children who attend chronically low-achieving schools (Snow & Strucker, 1999). There are a number of reasons for the consistent poor performance of such schools. Because these schools serve mostly poor...

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