To Fight Or Not To Fight ( Terrorism In The Usa )

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An aggressive retort by the United States will have a better outcome than no action at all as a result of the terrorist's acts in New York. If you live in America right now you can't turn around without being assaulted by the media blitz on the recent attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan, not to mention a couple of years ago we were attacked on our own soil.Until this incident we had considered ourselves immune to any foreign massive attack on our own soil. How wrong that turned out to be! Even with all of our technologies in the military we had no way to stop these people. I watch CNN and listen to all of the different opinions that people have given, and frankly am aghast at what I hear.When people get on television and give interviews I first look at their credentials, which are most often supplied. When I see PhDs. MDs and other impressive educational achievements following their name I automatically give them some consideration. What do some of these folks have to say? More than a few of these people don't think that retaliation by us is the right thing to do. They don't want to beget violence with the same. If you think of Jesus and his philosophy of turning the other cheek, you have to agree, somewhat.Why should America show the rest of the world how petty we are by making such a big thing out of a few thousand people getting killed by some lunatics? Don't forget also these suspects are renegades, not claimed by any country. This makes for a very elusive target, in that we shouldn't bomb a whole country for the mistakes of a few.In watching the coverage, I was struck by the tone of passive acquiescence. Not once, in hours of listening, did I hear anyone express righteous anger. No one said, coldly, but with deadly seriousness, People responsible for this are going to die".Our military leaders speak of how we can't act rashly and the need for caution, which most likely means nothing will be done. Perhaps two-thirds of the newscasters spoke of the attack as though it was a bad storm, unfortunate, but inevitable, and now we must get on with our lives. The politicians and experts talk of coping...

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