To Investigate Whether There Is A Difference In The Frequency Of Stomata Between Green And White Areas Of Leaves

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To investigate whether there is a difference in the frequency of stomata between green and white areas of leavesPlanPredictionI predict that there will be a higher stomatal frequency present in the green areas of the leaves as the green colour indicates the presence of chloroplasts containing chlorophyll, which are essential for the process of photosynthesis. In contrast, the white areas of the same species of plant do not contain chlorophyll, so it is evident that they do not take part in the photosynthesis, and therefore do not have a great need for gaseous exchange, so there is a lower stomatal frequency.I think that the frequency of stomata will also differ in different species of plant. For example, xerophytic plants such as cacti, that are adapted to living in very dry conditions, will have a lower stomatal frequency. This is mainly due to their immense need to conserve water and reduce water loss through transpiration, which involves water evaporating out of the stomata. Mesophytes, however, live in wetter conditions, and are not at risk when they transpire. Losing water through transpiration allows the movement of water up the xylem through cohesion. They have more stomata for gas exchange and losing water through transpiration does not pose too much of a threat as they do not need to conserve water.PlantsThe following plants will be used in the experiment:Geranium is a plant which can be found growing in Britain. It grows well in warm, sunny conditions but can cope when exposed to colder conditions.Chlorophtyum or spider plant is adapted to living in dry conditions. However, it can be found in many homes as a potted plant.Hedra or ivy is adapted to living in moderate to warm conditions and prefers a humid environment.Elaeagnus can survive in a variety of soil and moisture conditions. It can survive in quite dry soil.Ilex or holly is an evergreen plant which can survive in poor soil conditions. It can survive in both warm and cold conditions.Apparatus:Nail VarnishSticky tapeLeavesGlass slidesMicroscope (x400 magnification)MethodTake a leaf from each species of plant, and paint onto the lower epidermis four sections of clear nail varnish. The sections must be at least 1cm2 and there must be two areas of nail varnish on the green areas of the plant and two on the white areas.Allow the nail varnish to dry, then take a strip of sticky tape and put this over the section of nail varnish. Pull the sticky tape off, taking the stomata imprint with it.Place the sticky tape onto a slide so that the sticky side is facing upwards. Stick both ends of the tape to the slide to keep it in place. There must be four slides for each species of plant.View the slide under a x400 magnification microscope. Count the number of whole stomata in the field of view.Repeat the experiment for each species of plant.Risk assessmentDue to the possibility of an allergic reaction to some species of plants, hands must be washed after making contact with the leaves. It can...

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